Carl Binder

Carl Binder
Born (1960-08-10) 10 August 1960
Occupation Screenwriter
Television Producer

Carl Binder is a television writer and producer. He is most noted for his contributions to the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series as well as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Little Men. Binder currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and created the Pocahontas for the 1995 movie, Pocahontas.[1] Binder will co-write the third Stargate SG-1 movie with Brad Wright and serves as an executive producer for the new Stargate series, entitled Stargate Universe.[2]

In the Stargate Atlantis episode 5x16, a hall in a secret scientific facility was called "Carl Binder Memorial Theater".

List of Stargate episodes written by Binder

Stargate SG-1

Title Season Notes Directed by
"Demons" 3 None Peter DeLuise
"200" 10 Written with Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper & Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie & Martin Gero & Alan McCullough Martin Wood

Stargate Atlantis

Title Season Notes Directed by
"Before I Sleep" 1 None Andy Mikita
"Letters From Pegasus" 1 None Mario Azzopardi
"Condemned" 2 Teleplay (Story by Sean Carley) Peter DeLuise
"Aurora" 2 Teleplay (Story by Binder & Brad Wright) Martin Wood
"The Hive" 2 None Martin Wood
"Critical Mass" 2 Teleplay (Story by Binder & Brad Wright) Andy Mikita
"Michael" 2 None Martin Wood
"Inferno" 2 None Peter DeLuise
"Irresistible" 3 Teleplay (Story by Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper) Martin Wood
"Progeny" 3 None Andy Mikita
"The Real World" 3 None Paul Ziller
"McKay and Mrs. Miller" 3 Written with Martin Gero Martin Wood
"Phantoms" 3 None Martin Wood
"Echoes" 3 Written with Brad Wright Will Waring
"The Game" 3 Written with Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson Will Waring
"Vengeance" 3 None Andy Mikita
"Lifeline" 4 None Martin Wood
"Missing" 4 None Andy Mikita
"Quarantine" 4 None Andy Mikita
"Outcast" 4 Teleplay (Story by Binder & Joe Flanigan) Andy Mikita
"Midway" 4 None Andy Mikita
"Ghost in the Machine" 5 None Ken Girotti
"Tracker" 5 None Will Waring
"The Prodigal" 5 None Andy Mikita
"Identity" 5 None Will Waring

Stargate Universe

Title Season Notes Directed by
"Water" 1 with Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper Will Waring
"Life" 1 None Alex Chapple
"Pain" 1 None Will Waring
"Pathogen" 2 None Robert Carlyle
"Hope" 2 None Will Waring


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