Carl Bessai

Carl Bessai
Born 1966 (age 4950)
Edmonton, Alberta
Occupation Film director
Film producer
Years active 1998–present

Carl Bessai (born 1966 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter.[1] Bessai studied at OCAD University and at York University in Toronto graduating with a Master of Fine Arts Degree. He got his start directing documentary films before moving to Vancouver and directing his debut feature film Johnny in 1999. Bessai has made a career working on low-budget independent features but has worked with A-List actors Ian McKellen and Deborah Kara Unger on his film Emile and Carrie-Anne Moss on his film Normal. He was nominated for the Genie Award for Best Achievement in Direction for the latter film. Bessai is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada, the Writer’s Guild of Canada, and the Canadian Film and Television Producer's Association.

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