Camping 2

Camping 2
Directed by Fabien Onteniente
Produced by Patrice Ledoux
Serge Hayat
Written by Emanuel Booz
Franck Dubosc
Philippe Guillard
Fabien Onteniente
Starring Franck Dubosc
Richard Anconina
Mathilde Seigner
Antoine Duléry
Claude Brasseur
Mylène Demongeot
Christine Citti
Music by Frédéric Botton
Jean Yves d'Angelo
Philippe Kelly
Alexis Rault
Cinematography Jérôme Robert
Edited by Véronique Lange
TF1 Films Production
Pulsar Productions
Distributed by Pathé
Release dates
  • 21 April 2010 (2010-04-21)
Running time
99 minutes
Country France
Language French
Budget $23.1 million
Box office $33.9 million[1]

Camping 2 is a 2010 French comedy film directed by Fabien Onteniente. This is the sequel of Camping. In 2016, a third movie was made : Camping 3.


Upset that his fiancee wants to take a break in their relationship, and to reduce his stress levels, Jean-Pierre Savelli, an insurance company employee in Clermont-Ferrand, decides to spend his holiday in an unusual place for him - the Blue Waves campsite, near Arcachon. There he meets eager campers including Patrick Chirac, and begins to act as a single man again. At first put off by Patrick's overtures of friendship, the two become best friends, as Jean-Pierre begins to "loosen up" a bit. Taking a lead from Patrick, Jean-Pierre gradually acquires the same outlook on life and even becomes the new darling of Blue Waves, which makes Patrick jealous. Patrick begins to cause discord in the camp, although the other campers (Jacky, Paulo, Laurette and Sophie) are already ill-humored, all the more so when it is revealed that the "Blue Waves" campsite may be sold to a Spanish group, to be replaced by a luxury hotel.

When Mrs Chatel reveals the proposal to the campers, everyone forgets their quarrels and rallies around, united against the project. To this end, the campers invent a ploy to undo the work: they decide to try to convince the DRAC inspector that Gallo-Roman pottery is buried in the ground, and that the site is of archaeological importance. On the day of the inspection, Jean-Pierre claims to be the inspector during the mayor's visit. The real expert, meanwhile, is "hijacked" by Patrick and led through the neighboring nudist camp. The deception ends up being uncovered, the inspector visits the correct campsite, examines the excavated pottery ... and authenticates it as genuine. The archaeological site is proven, and so the redevelopment work will not take place.

The time comes for Patrick to leave and, having managed to seduce the lovely Pauline, they set out together for his home in Dijon. But she catches him looking at another girl at the tollbooth. She then leaves the car and Patrick returns home alone. As for Jean-Pierre, he reconciles with his fiancée and, with his daughter Lisa, the three leave for home.



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