COP International

COP International
Founded 1991
Founder Christian Petke
Kim X
Genre Electro-industrial, EBM, Industrial metal, Hellectro
Country of origin Germany, United States
Location Frankfurt, Oakland, California
Official website

COP International, also shortened to COP Int'l., is a music label, based in Oakland, California.[1]

Initially, the label was founded in 1991 by Christian Petke (aka Count Zero of Deathline Int'l.) in Frankfurt, Germany. A few months later, Kim X, his girlfriend, opened a branch office in Oakland.[1]

The first label full-length release was the California Cyber Crash Compilation.[1] Most of the involved artists, such as Diatribe, Battery, Kode IV, Consolidated, Biohazard PCB (aka Contagion), Deathline Intl. and Switchblade Symphony, became very popular in the 1990s Electro-industrial scene.

Other leading label groups were Index, Pulse Legion, Unit:187, Pain Emission and The Razor Skyline.[2]


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