Byåsen is a district in the city of Trondheim, Norway, situated to the west of the city centre. This is mainly a residential area, with 32,136 residents as of January 1, 2003. The name Byåsen can be translated into "City Hill", which describes its elevated position, overlooking the rest of Trondheim. The view of Trondheim can be seen from Utsikten, translating to "the view", around which the wealthier residents of Byåsen live. House prises in the area are considerably higher than other parts of the city. Byåsen is the only larger district in Trondheim that have solid rock underground.

At the end of the last ice age, between 10,000 and 11,500 years ago, the sea level was about 175 meters higher than it is today.[1] The old sea level is still visible in the landscape forming a line along the hill which can be seen from the city. This line is called Strandlinja (The Strand Line) and is most easily spotted from Kristiansten Fortress which is located to the east of the city centre. A path following Strandlinja is today popular with visitors to Bymarka (The City Forest) which covers the most elevated parts of Byåsen.

As a consequence of its position above the rest of the city (from 100–300 m above sea level) there is more snow on Byåsen during the winter than in lower parts of Trondheim. Bymarka, located on the southern and western part of Byåsen, is a large recreational area with forest and lakes, which is very popular for cross country skiing in the winter season. The weather conditions and the extensive network of cross country tracks in this area helped Granåsen (an outdoor winter sporting arena situated at the south end of Bymarka) in hosting the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1997. Trondheim Golfklubb (a golf course) is also based on Byåsen, although these same weather conditions complicate matters and shortens the season. There is, however, an 18-hole golf course at the agricultural lowland area Byneset, located just west of Bymarka.

The tram line Gråkallbanen connects Byåsen to the city centre along with a number of bus routes (8, 5, 19) as well as night time services by bus and tram in the weekends.


Hallset is a part of the area Byåsen. It has several apartment blocks and is a suburban area.

Hallset consists of a Grammar school that is called Hallset Skole or Hallset School (kids 6–12 years) and a Junior High that is called Selsbakk Skole or Selsbakk School (kids 13–16 years old).

It also has a church called Hallset Kirke or Hallset Church.

The MIGO centre has a grocery store, a florist, a hairdresser, a newsstand and a bakery.

Coordinates: 63°24′N 10°22′E / 63.400°N 10.367°E / 63.400; 10.367


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