Bubble Hits

Bubble Hits
Bubble Hits logo
Launched 14 August 2006
Closed 13 February 2009
Owned by Creative Sounds Limited
Audience share ~0.0% (April 2008, )
Website www.bubblehits.ie
(at time of closure)
Sky Channel 379
Freesat Channel 503
Eutelsat 28A 12560V 27500 2/3 (Bubble Hits Pan-Europe/UK)
11527V 27500 2/3 (Bubble Hits Ireland)
UPC Ireland Channel 711
Magnet Channel 704
Smart Vision Channel 39

Bubble Hits was an Irish-owned digital television music channel owned by Creative Sounds. It broadcast two channels; one for Ireland and a Pan-European feed which covered the United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Germany. On 13 February 2009, Bubble Hits went off air and was removed from most of the TV EPGs. The websites, including the official one and social networking versions on MySpace and Bebo were also removed. The closure of the channel was due to the current downturn in advertising revenue.[1] the transmit mode was on 12 February 2016 and finished on 13 February 2016.


Bubble Hits studios were located in Ashbourne, County Meath, Ireland at the Creative Sounds studios.[2][3] The channel was broadcast free-to-air, therefore viewers did not need to have a Sky subscription to view it. Despite being Irish-owned, it was not licensed by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) but instead by the UK's Ofcom to "Creative Sounds UK", who are based in Northchapel. This is not unusual amongst Irish channels, as well as those from other countries with restrictive broadcasting legislation, such as Sweden. The decision may also have been due to BCI's requirements that a significant percentage of programming must be Irish-produced.


Originally Bubble Hits claimed to be Europe's only music channel without adverts. By February 2007, the channel started carrying adverts. Adverts usually lasted 60 seconds and appeared after 3 song intervals. The station promised to be no more than 60 seconds away from the next song. Commercial breaks appeared to consist of only two advertisements. This was a unique approach to advertising amongst channels within Europe.

Bubble Hits (Ireland)

A specific Bubble Hits channel for the Irish market (Bubble Hits Ireland) launched on Sky Digital, UPC Ireland, Smart, Magnet Networks, SCTV on Monday 19 May 2008. With specific programming and advertising, the schedule featured more localised content including music videos, music shows, chart shows and entertainment news specific to Ireland & it was also localised by Irish advertisements. [4] bubble hits Ireland closed on the same day as the uk version

Bubble Hits (Pan-Europe)

It was available on satellite, mainly Sky Digital, in the UK. The channel was available free-to-air on Eutelsat 28A in Ireland, Germany, Poland, Hungary and other parts of Europe. The channel was localised with UK advertisements.

Launched on 16 August 2006 this channel served the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Hungary. This channel also served the Ireland until the launch of Bubble Hits Ireland on 19 May 2008. On 13 February 2009 the channel ceased transmission.

Former Programmes

Former Presenters


The station was operated by James Hyland and Lee Walsh.

The pair were listed as 27th richest under 30-year olds in Ireland in a TV show entitled, "Young, Irish and Wealthy" broadcast on 28 December 2008 on national Irish television station RTÉ One. However, there has been some discussion and debate as to the accuracy of the list.



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