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Brian Matthew Isoa Shima (born December 22, 1981) is a professional inline skater. He came to fame in the early rollerblading community because of his unique style on skates and winning many competitions. He also holds the record for the most pro skates held by any person. He is one example of professional rollerbladers that founded skater-owned rollerblading brands.

Coming from rollerblading brands like USD (universal skate design) & Razor Skates, he was, along with Jon Elliot, a former pro skater, co-owner and team rider of Ground Control-Frames, NIMH Skates, 4x4 Wheels, Dell Computers, Sepia Outerwear, Vicious Bearings, and Ogio Backpacks

Shima owned his own skate brand, named Shima Skate Manufacturing, also known as SSM, which was launched after he abandoned his former company NIMH. In September 2015 it was announced by SSM pro skater that the company was now out of business and the website is for sale for $1000 USD. [1] He is also co-founder of the World Rolling Series.[2]

He is known for being a very influential pro skater among others like Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, Alex Broskow and Aaron Feinberg.


Judged at the 2011 Bitter Cold Showdown as well.

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Brian has appeared in several videos such as:[12]


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