Brian Davies (philosopher)

Brian Davies
Born 1951
Alma mater
Era 20th- / 21st-century philosophy
Region Western philosophy
Main interests

Father Brian Evan Anthony Davies, OP (born 1951) is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University (since 1995), and author of An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, now in its third English edition, which has been translated into five languages.


Brian Davies studied Theology at the University of Bristol[1] (BA 1972) and undertook graduate studies at King's College London (M.Th, 1973; Tutorial Assistant, 1974–6; Ph.D, 1976).[2]


He spent the period 1982–95 at the University of Oxford. Throughout those years he was Lecturer in Theology and Philosophy at Blackfriars, Oxford. Davies was also Tutor in Theology, St Benet's Hall and a member of the Faculty of Theology (1983–95); Regent of Studies of the English Dominican Province (1988–95); University Research Lecturer (1993–95); and member of the Sub-Faculty of Philosophy (1994–95).[2]

In 1994 Davies was appointed Regent of Blackfriars and, as a Head of House, received the degree of Master of Arts by Special Decree by the University of Oxford. In 1995 he took up his current appointment at Fordham University.[1] He held Visiting Professorships at the Beda College, Rome (Spring 1987 and Spring 1988), Fordham University (July–August 1987, July–August 1988, and Fall 1994), and Candler School of Theology, Emory University (Spring 1993).[2]



Some of Davies's publications include:

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Davies has edited:

Davies also edits the Outstanding Christian Thinkers series (Continuum: London and New York, 1989–2004), having overseen the publication of twenty-eight volumes, and of the Great Medieval Thinkers, published by Oxford University Press. He was Book Reviews Editor for New Blackfriars (1979–95) and a member of the editorial board for Religious Studies (2000–6). He is now Associate European Editor (since 1992) for the International Philosophical Quarterly.

As literary executor for the late Herbert McCabe (died 2001), Davies edited and published five volumes of work that McCabe left at the time of his death: God Still Matters (Continuum: London and New York, 2002); God, Christ and Us (Continuum: London and New York, 2003); The Good Life: Ethics and the Pursuit of Happiness (Continuum: London and New York, 2005); Faith Within Reason (Continuum: London and New York, 2007); and On Aquinas (Continuum: London and New York, 2008).


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