Boyce (Green Wing)

J. Boyce
First appearance Caroline's First Day
Last appearance The Special
Portrayed by Oliver Chris
Nickname(s) Boycie
Gender Male
Occupation Medical student, house officer
Title Mister, Doctor

Boyce is a character in the British sitcom Green Wing, played by Oliver Chris.


Boyce is a medical student at East Hampton Hospital. He is currently being trained as a doctor by the more senior members, including Dr. Alan Statham.

Boyce is often seen wearing a bone around his neck (actually a pen designed to look like a bone and given away to medical staff by pharmaceutical companies). Boyce often plays practical jokes on Dr. Alan Statham.

His practical jokes have ranged from simple remarks such as, "I need to x-ray my penis. I think I dislocated it", all the way up to full scale taunts in front of colleagues. The biggest one was a 30-foot (9.1 m) high holographic image of Alan having anal sex with another man, one of the many homosexual jibes that Boyce has made. He also once bought Alan in a charity slave auction for 30p, took his teacher out for a (somewhat awkward) meal and ended up getting Alan drunk, and them waking up in bed together.

In private life, he spends most of his time with his best friend, junior doctor Dr. Martin Dear and is in a relationship with Kim Alabaster from human resources. Contrary to the prevailing advice of his chosen profession, he also smokes, normally with Kim's fellow co-worker Naughty Rachel.

Previously a medical student, in series 2, episode 7, he was made a house officer and invited everyone (including Alan) out to The Spice of Bengal for a celebratory meal.

In the last episode of series 2, he learns of the stuffed heron incident with Alan and Joanna, and helps them manage to escape. He had also grown a moustache, although it is possible it was a fake one to disguise himself from the police.

Whilst Alan is gone, he begins to miss him. This partly due to his replacement being even more horrible than Alan. Boyce is also the last person in the hospital contacted by Alan, who makes a phone call to him.

Boyce claims that the best person he was compared to was Jude Law and the worst was Brigitte Nielsen. In one deleted scene, Boyce admitted that he once shaved a female teacher.



Of all the people that agitate Alan, Boyce comes top of the list. Boyce spends every lesson performing practical jokes and passing comments to make his teacher look stupid. Boyce often refers to his affair with Joanna, which often leads to Alan stammering, getting confused and cancelling entire lessons out of agitation.

Boyce often makes homosexual advances towards him, and even managed to project a 30-foot (9.1 m) holographic image of Alan having anal sex with another man. Another similar incident occurred when Boyce bought Alan in a charity auction for 30p; Boyce did not seem even remotely fazed by waking to find a naked Alan in his bed.

As the series goes on, Boyce appears to become friendlier with Alan. He tries to help Alan during his attempt to enter politics, he invites him to a party to celebrate his promotion, and he even helps Alan escape from the police.


Martin is Boyce’s best friend, and the person he confides in most, often calling each other Marty and Boycie.

They can often be seen passing the time together. They have tried finding giveaway £20 notes in bags of crisps using the hospital's MRI scanner, building towers using chocolate bars, or talking about their latest relationships.


Boyce and Kim first kick-off their relationship at the bar near the hospital with Rachel. After Kim wins a drinking game with him, they go to Caroline’s housewarming party. During the party, they take a shower together, then they end up having sex.

Afterwards, their relationship becomes more widely known. They make out in the corridors and Boyce gives Kim oral sex in the office, under her desk while she pretends to work.

Other relationships

Apart from Kim, Boyce is also friendly with Rachel in human resources.

He is also friends with Caroline, Guy, Mac and Angela, attending both Angela's funeral and the wedding of Caroline and Mac.

In a deleted scene, he goes to see Sue, who is sitting in a pram, seeing if it would support her baby. When Alan goes on the run, he again goes to sees her, hoping she would provide information for the whereabouts of Alan and Joanna, for the price of one bushel. However, unable to find a bushel, he instead paid using a furlong of bras. Sue was unable to find any information however, so Boyce took the bras back.

The actors who play Boyce and Kim in Green Wing also play a couple in The Office. The two are only in the first series, but have a similar relationship to the one they have in Green Wing.

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