Body Complete

Body Complete
Directed by Lukas Sturm
Produced by Robert Hofferer
Lukas Sturm
Puls 4
Written by Lukas Sturm
Starring Asli Bayram
Senad Bašić
Miraj Grbić
Adi Hrustemović
Amel Bečić
Adnan Hasković
Marija Omaljev-Grbić
James Hallett
Cinematography Šahin Šišić
Release dates
  • May 21, 2012 (2012-05-21) (France)
Country Bosnia & Herzegovina
Language German, English, Bosnian

Body Complete is a 2012 film with an international cast by the producers Robert Hofferer and Lukas Sturm as well as the co-producer Puls 4 from 2011. Lukas Sturm directed the film and also wrote the script. Asli Bayram plays the leading role.


The film deals with the impact of the Bosnian war on society. The ethnic cleansing during this cruel war in the center of Europe happened in the sphere of influence of two men: former politician Radovan Karadžić, accused of being a war criminal, and former general Ratko Mladić, who was caught during the shooting of this film. Mladić is being held responsible for the mass murder of at least 8,000 unarmed Bosnian civilians in Srebrenica in July 1995. The story of the film is set in this historical background.

The filming mainly took place at authentic settings in Sarajevo and its surroundings. The former Bosnian commander and defender of Sarajevo, Mirsad Ćatić, acted as advisor for military history and appeared in a guest role. Research assistants under the supervision of Kathryne Bomberger from ICMP (International Commission on Missing Persons) in Sarajevo gave the producers and actors advice concerning forensic anthropology and DNA identification of the victims found in the mass graves. The organisation "Women of Srebrenica", regularly staging demonstrations to ensure that the search for lost men, children and relatives will continue, travelled to Sarajevo to play a part in one of the key scenes of the film.


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