Bloomers (TV series)

Genre Sitcom
Written by James Saunders
Starring Richard Beckinsale
Anna Calder-Marshall
Paul Curran
David Swift
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 5
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC2
Original release 27 September – 25 October 1979

Bloomers is a short-lived British sitcom starring Richard Beckinsale that was aired in 1979. It was in production in 1979 but only five episodes were made before Beckinsale died suddenly from a heart attack just before a planned rehearsal for the sixth and final episode of the first series. Bloomers was immediately shelved, though the five completed episodes were broadcast later in the same year.


Stan is a worker for a small London flower business. The humour centred on the relationships between the workers and the scrapes they got into doing odd jobs in the gardens of houses in the district. Beckinsale's character, Stan, was apt to wind up in bed with lonely housewives, and equally apt to spend time with said housewives musing on philosophy and the pointlessness of life.



# Airdate Overview
1 27 September 1979 After an argument with Lena, Stan decides he must get a job because, being an actor, he spends most of his time out of work. He strikes up a friendship with Dingley, who offers him a partnership in his Florist Shop.
2 4 October 1979 Lena can't understand Stan's complete change of character, including his getting out of bed. Stan, however, wants to make his first day as a florist/gardener one to remember.
3 11 October 1979 Stan gets a film studio contract to deliver Christmas trees. But even a florist has difficulty in getting Christmas trees in June.
4 18 October 1979 Dingley is very depressed about life and the fact that the Council are going to paint a yellow line outside the shop. Stan gives him a philosophy book called ' Action and Being' and gets more action than he expects.
5 25 October 1979 Dingley and O'Shaughnessy, a part-time helper at the florist shop, call at Stan's flat on their way to work on Dr Lamb's garden. By coincidence, he happens to be Lena's psychiatrist.


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