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Blazing Teens is a Chinese show that was created in 2006. The show focuses on high schools that hold yo-yo contests. Blazing Teens was released outside of China and was translated into Latin, English, Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi. It aired on Pogo in India, Cartoon Network in Pakistan, Nickelodeon, MinikaGO, and Kidz TV in Turkey. The schools construct teams and participate in competitions to win against other schools. Each team has their own issues that they solve. Each yo-yo has a name that reflects the toy's design. The show makes use of minor special effects in order to portray "magic" and the speed of the yo-yo. These magic spells are 'battling' and the person whose magic remains, wins.

In 2015, Hasbro acquired the North American rights to the franchise and has co-produced a Chinese-American animated series with Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Co. called Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do.[1] On October 21, 2015, Hasbro Studios uploaded a trailer for the series. The series started airing on Discovery Family on November 13, 2015.[2]


Season 1

The main characters are Leon, Mini, Mark and Michael. Leon is the protagonist and Michael is the rival. Some of the yo-yo tricks are common, like the Forward Pass, Loop-the-Loop, Three-Leaf-Clover, Trapeze, Double or Nothing, Gravity Pull, etc. The show also has some tricks of its own created by the producers (most of the tricks are for professionals) like the White Buddha, Buddha's Revenge and the Cold Fusion (hardest trick of Season One).

Leon lost to Michael in the yo-yo contest of California and in taunt, Michael said that Leon can never beat him if his Eastern techniques can't beat his own Western speed. So to learn more and train the power of the Eastern yo-yo power, Samuel returns to China and stops a robbery on his trip, which catches the eye of a school coach who had been given the work of starting a yo-yo team for JiangHai school. The school doesn't have the required money to get a training spot and uniforms, and the coach must find a way to solve this problem. By trying to use his own cash, the coach stood on the work of making the team by taking the school's yo-yo players in a trick show.

The coach asks Leon to join the JiangHai team in order to make their victory much easier, but Leon doesn't get along with some of the team's players, who once tried to con a yo-yo from a boy by exchanging it for an outdated Nuclear Fission yo-yo.

But on the first training day of the Summer for practice of the match, Leon decides to join after all. During training, Leon likes to practice far from the other players so that he is not disturbed, which made the more jealous players angry and they try to get rid of him. He gets mistakenly accused for stealing cheese and gets expelled.

The other team called the ChengNan team's players decide to cheat by suggesting a friendly battle to see the Special Trick of the players from the JiangHai team. Mini lost at the end but then Leon who was expelled for stealing cheese (mistakenly accused) comes in at the last moment and beats the other team.

When the training is over, they go back to the school but Michael comes back from the USA to make his own team and humiliate Leon, so that he never faces him again in the next Yo-Yo contest of the US. His minions "Cold Cat" and "Hot Dog" comes to battle and see the special tricks of the JiangHai team. They beat many players of both the JiangHai and the ChengNan Yo-Yo teams with their Polar Wolf and RattleSnake. Even the cousin of the captain from the ChengNan team have been defeated by "Cold Cat".

The tournament which has been renamed "Youth Fire" due to the begging of the coach to enter all of his players since there was only possible of 6 players to enter before have been started and by Leon training of his Yo-Yo into Fire Thunder in order to use Final Divine Light that required to learn Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue and Violet Divine Light tricks first, he made the team exchange their tricks since Michael's team now know their tricks due to the school exchange of a JiangHai player.

At the tournament, the nerd of the team who does nothing but talk was selected for performance of the first part of the contest. He did surprisingly well and got 9.96 points which though, is the lowest score of the contest so far. In the final battle between Leon and Michael, all goes well and Michael loses.

Season 2

In Season 2, the logo is "Blazing Teens 2". The main characters are the same as in season I; the protagonist is still Leon and the new antagonist is Timothy.

Season 3

In Season 3, the main characters are: Jacky [yaojie] and Liam [lingliang]. Their teammates are: Ken, Jerry[bijiale] and Lily[luoli]. Sandy[yanshuang] is a girl who makes new yo-yos for the team members. They are all part of the Blazing Team. Jacky is their team leader.

Jacky and Liam are not fond of each other. Liam is arrogant and when he got into the Blazing Team, he left. After more conflict, Jacky drives Liam away from the team. Liam suddenly learns that he has to take part in the Fire Cup yoyo competition. Ken and Jerry gradually decide to give him another choice, but when Liam's father comes along, there is a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Dylan[dilan], a world-class champion comes to China with the hope of making a team with the strongest players and thus prove that only Western skills should be counted as 'true yo-yo' skills and the Chinese skills would never come close to the advanced skills of the Western.

Liam, Lily and their friends (Sean[heshun], Onion[yangchong] and Charles) try to make amends between Jacky and Ray[buore] (Super Tornado's team leader and Onion and Charles' leader) because of a misunderstanding from the last National Competition. They try to do this to stop Dylan from achieving his 'evil' ambition.

Dylan leads the Falcon Team. Lily is despised by her cousin, Takashi, from the Falcon Team. The Blazing Team's final aim is to beat Falcon Team and prove that Chinese techniques are not worse than that of the Western.

Throughout this season there is a constant mention about 'the true meaning of yo-yoing' which is something about enjoying and having fun rather than yo-yoing is for tools. After the National Competitions, there is a lead in to Blazing Teens 3.5, about the masked yo-yoers. These people are Dylan's team from where he came from.

Later adapted to a live-action film.

Season 3.5/4

In China, Season 3.5 was never recognised as a full season - it was never given a name. However, according to the English version of the Auldey Toys (Publisher) website, it is known as "Season 4".

Names are mainly left in Chinese format - may be changed when English copy comes out.

Liam starts with a brief summary of what happened in season 3. They are still looking for suitable players (3A, 5A) for their team. Liam and [Chen Kai] go to Shanghai, to look for the legendary 3A player that is supposedly scary. After some encouragement from Sandy, Liam and [Chen Kai] reluctantly go. Jacky heads to Beijing, to look for a 5A player, and visit Mrs. [Wen], an elderly lady who supposedly taught Jacky 4A. It is hinted that the 4A player [Li Xiang Yang] from Dylan's team, Tornado, is the grandson of Mrs. [Wen]. (Please do not confuse with "Super Tornado Team" in Season 3).

In Shanghai, Liam drags [Chen Kai] to an arcade. He plays one game and he receives the highest score. One very short teenager challenges Liam to a game. However, Liam rudely rejects that person, and calls him a "child" and "immature". Little does he know that this "child", was the legendary 3A player he was looking for and he was already in his last year of junior high.

Liam and [Chen Kai] temporarily reside at Charles' (refer S3) grandmother's house. They ask Charles whether he knows anything about the legendary player. He takes out his was damaged by this legendary player. Liam swears revenge.

When they go to find the legendary player, Liam mistakenly thinks someone else is the player. However, he realises that the short guy he met at the arcade is the legendary player. He challenges him, saying "the winner shall have his wish granted". They start their challenge. [Lin Xiao Zhi] wins, and forces Liam to become his slave.

[Lin Xiao Zhi] is actually a very lonely guy. Many people think he uses his yoyo to do bad things to others. Liam realises this and they eventually become friends.

On the other hand, in Beijing, Jacky sticks around Mrs. [Wen]. Apparently, her grandson is one of the two who are trying to stop them find team members. He is the 4A player.

In the second arc (unfinished) of Blazing Teens Season 3, Dylan asked his team to stop fighting Chinese yoyoers unfairly. Three people do not listen - respectively the 3A, 4A and 5A players. The 5A player is a girl.

Mrs. [Wen] and her grandson have not been friendly with each other for a long time. Mrs. [Wen] desperately wants her grandson to forgive her. Knowing this, the 4A player tries to make Mrs. [Wen] hurt Jacky with acupuncture and other things. Jacky changes their views.

Jacky goes to another city to recruit a 5A player. Dylan's 5A player infiltrates their team and causes havoc. Sandy is nearly driven away from the team but Jacky refused to believe that that 5A player would do such a thing. She almost damaged the team's yoyos.

Season 4

Also known as "舞动火力". There are 42 episodes in this season. There are more characters introduced in this season. Skills range from 1A to 5A.

Only these original characters (from season 3) are in this season:

Blazing Team

This is a Chinese-American animated series. Produced by Hasbro Studios and Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Co. On October 21, 2015, Hasbro Studios uploaded a trailer for the series. The series started airing on Discovery Family on November 13, 2015.[2] The series also started airing on Cartoon Network in Canada on April 6, 2016. It also aired on Teletoon from June 24, 2016 to July 11, 2016.

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