Blake Sennett

Blake Sennett

Blake Sennett with Rilo Kiley @ Terminal 5, NYC, 6/2/08
Background information
Birth name Blake Sennett Swendson
Also known as Blake Soper, Blake Swendson
Born (1976-09-22) September 22, 1976
Origin San Diego, California
Genres Indie rock, folk rock
Occupation(s) Actor, musician
Years active 1987–present
Labels Brute-Beaute/Warner Bros. Records
Saddle Creek Records
Barsuk Records
Sub Pop (in the band Night Terrors of 1927)

Blake Sennett (born September 22, 1976[1]) is an American musician who served as the lead guitarist for indie rock band Rilo Kiley, as well as the lead singer/lead guitarist for his alt-rock side project the Elected. Currently he leads Night Terrors of 1927 with Jarrod Gorbel. In addition to being a musician, Sennett was a child actor, appearing on the television shows Salute Your Shorts and Boy Meets World. Sennett originally went by the names Blake Soper and Blake Swendson as an actor.

Early years

He was born Blake Sennett Swendson in San Diego. He attended La Jolla High School with his future Rilo Kiley bandmate Pierre De Reeder. In the early to mid-1990s, Sennett appeared in shows primarily marketed toward teens. During this period he ended up playing two big supporting roles of Ronnie Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts and Joseph "Joey the Rat" Epstein on Boy Meets World. After Salute Your Shorts was canceled and his role on Boy Meets World was written off, Sennett switched gears and began to focus on music.

He met Rilo Kiley bandmate Jenny Lewis through Tara Subkoff in 1993.[2] The two formed the band in 1998 and dated for several years, until ending their relationship after the release of The Execution of All Things in 2002.


In the early 1990s, when Sennett was in high school, he played drums in a band called the Caustic Truth. Future Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre De Reeder was his bandmate. Sennett was kicked out of the band, and the remaining members kept his drums.[3]

In 1996, he composed the score for the film Don's Plum.[4] Lewis was the female lead in the film.[4] Because of a lawsuit brought by stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, this film cannot be distributed in the United States or Canada. However, it was released in 2001 in Europe as a Region 2 DVD. This version contains Sennett's original score, as well as the song "Go Ahead," written by Sennett and Jenny Lewis in 1996. The song was included on Rilo Kiley's first LP, Take-Offs and Landings (2001). Sennett has remained good friends with Maguire, Ethan Suplee, and Scott Bloom since the making of the film. He had previously starred with Ben Savage and Suplee on Boy Meets World.

In 2003, he founded a second band, the Elected, along with his good friend Mike Bloom.

In 2012, Blake Sennett founded Night Terrors of 1927 along with Jarrod Gorbel. The band released an EP titled Guilty Pleas in November 2013.


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song: "San Francisco via Chicago Blues"

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