Bitange i princeze

Bitange i Princeze
Created by Vinko Brešan, Ivan Goran Vitez
Starring Mila Elegović
Tarik Filipović
Rene Bitorajac
Hrvoje Kečkeš
Nataša Dangubić
Country of origin Croatia Croatia
No. of episodes 108
Running time 30 minutes
Original release 15. April 2005. – 8. March 2010.

Bitange i princeze is a situation comedy type television show currently airing on Croatian Radio Television.[1][2] The story is positioned in Zagreb, and it relies basically on group of people living in an apartment going through disasters in their life, falling in love, making it comical, similar to the plot in Friends. However, it contains elements of parody. For instance, as opposed to good relations between Friends, the characters are often fighting and making fun of each other, especially Irena Grobnik (portrayed by Mila Elegović) and Robert "Robi" Kumerle (Rene Bitorajac).




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