Bishop of Portsmouth (Anglican)

For the Roman Catholic bishop, see Bishop of Portsmouth (Catholic).
Bishop of Portsmouth
Christopher Foster
Province Canterbury
Diocese Portsmouth
Cathedral Portsmouth Cathedral
Formation 1927

The Bishop of Portsmouth is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth in the Province of Canterbury.

The diocese covers south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and has its see in the City of Portsmouth, where the seat is located at the Cathedral Church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury which was elevated to cathedral status in 1927.

The office of bishop was created in 1927 when the new diocese was formed from part of the Diocese of Winchester. The current bishop is the Right Reverend Christopher Foster, the 9th Bishop of Portsmouth, who signs + Christopher Portsmouth. Previously Suffragan Bishop of Hertford, his nomination as Bishop of Portsmouth was announced by Downing Street on 9 February 2010.[1] He was installed and enthroned in a service at Portsmouth Cathedral on 18 September 2010.[2]

The bishop's residence is Bishopsgrove, Fareham, Hampshire, England.

List of Anglican Bishops of Portsmouth

Anglican Bishops of Portsmouth
From Until Incumbent Notes
1927 1936 Neville Lovett Nominated on 7 June and consecrated on 25 July 1927; translated to Salisbury on 23 April 1936
1936 1941 Frank Partridge Nominated on 12 May and consecrated on 24 June 1936; died in office on 1 October 1941
1942 1949 William Anderson Translated from Croydon; nominated 12 February and confirmed on 19 March 1942; translated to Salisbury on 14 June 1949
1949 1959 Launcelot Fleming Nominated on 13 September and consecrated on 18 October 1949; translated to Norwich on 18 December 1959
1960 1975 John Phillips Nominated on 29 January and consecrated on 25 March 1960; resigned on 31 July 1975; died on 1 November 1985
1975 1984 Ronald Gordon Nominated on 5 August and consecrated on 23 September 1975; resigned on 31 May 1984; he subsequently became Bishop at Lambeth (1984–1991) and Bishop to the Forces (1985–1990); died on 8 August 2015
1984 1995 Timothy Bavin Translated from Johannesburg; nominated on 2 November 1984 and confirmed on 7 January 1985; retired in 1995
1995 2009 Kenneth Stevenson Nominated and consecrated in 1995; retired in September 2009.[3]
2010 present Christopher Foster Translated from Hertford; nominated on 9 February,[1] and installed and enthroned at Portsmouth Cathedral on 18 September 2010.[4]
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