Billy the Cat (TV series)

Billy the Cat
Genre Adventure
Directed by
Voices of
Opening theme "Billy the Cat", performed by John Mitchell and Tanya Hancheroff
Ending theme "Billy the Cat" (Instrumental)
Country of origin France
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s)
  • Pierre Levie
  • Hervé Bédard
  • Steve Walsh
  • Patrick Moine
  • Dale A. Andrews
  • Robin Lyons (Season 1)
  • Patrick Moine (Season 2)
  • Sophie Levie (Season 2)
  • Hervé Bédard (Season 2)
Running time 25 minutes approx.
Production company(s)
Original release 1996 – 2001

Billy the Cat is a French/Belgian animated series based on the comic strip of the same name, created by cartoonists Stéphane Colman and Stephen Desberg. It was aired from 1996 to 2001 for two seasons, plus also two TV movies (respectively dated 1998 and 2001).
Animated at La Fabrique, Siriol Productions and Cologne Cartoon (the latter only the Season 1), the series was produced by EVA Entertainment with the companies: Les Films du Triangle, Dupuis, NOA Network of Animation, and Sofidoc S.A.; all in association with the channels ZDF and France 3.


The cartoon takes a different approach to the scenario: Here, Billy's transformation to a cat is caused by an angry magician who decides to teach the boy a lesson after seeing Billy bullying a cat. In order to keep his family from worrying, the magician also uses his magic to make his cat, Dandelion, assume Billy's own form and live with his family.

The cartoon takes on a much lighter tone than the comic, largely thanks to the differing set-up, and is also much more episodic. When the series ends, Billy the Cat remains a cat and shows little to no interest to becoming human again, although this is not said explicitly by any character.

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Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
11"Billy Becomes a Cat"Barry Whittaker and Judy Valyi ()
22"The Cat That Couldn't Miaow"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
33"Microchips with Everything"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
44"Pigeon Pie"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
55"Sewer Cats"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
66"The Rescue"Barry Whittaker and Judy Valyi ()
77"The Big Meow"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
88"The Jolly Mouser"John Gatehouse ()
99"Hubert and the Siamese Siren"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
1010"A Star Is Born"Stan Hey ()
1111"A Clockwork Bone"Doug Molitor ()
1212"Catz’n the Hood"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
1313"Cat Burglar"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
1414"Cool Cat"S.M. Molitor ()
1515"One of Our Tail Is Missing"Michael Benyaer ()
1616"Romeo & Juliet"Malcolm McGookin ()
1717"Wok on the Wild Side"Jono Howard ()
1818"The Great Purple Nothing"Jono Howard ()
1919"Born to Be a Wildcat"Lee Tockar ()
2020"Monkey Business"Dennis O'Flaherty ()
2121"Snowbound"John Gatehouse ()
2222"Gutbucket"Stan Hey ()
2323"The Pigeon That Fell on the Earth"Ian James Corlett and Terry Klassen ()
2424"Curse of Catopatra"Michael Benyaer ()
2525"I’m Not an Animal"Ian James Corlett and Terry Klassen ()
2626"Billy’s Last Chance"Barry Whittaker and Judy Valyi ()

Season 2

No. in
No. in
Title Written by Original air date
271"Fish Food"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
282"Brotherly Love"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
293"The Kitten That Roared"Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler ()
304"Robodog"Fabrice Ziolkowski and Luli Barzman ()
316"Home Sweet Haunted Home"Terry Klassen ()
327"Airborne Hijinks"Judy Valyi and Barry Whittaker ()
338"A Cat Named Rex"Fabrice Ziolkowski and Luli Barzman ()
348"For Art’s Sake"Peter Hynes ()
359"Lights, Camera, Action"Jono Howard ()
3610"Derby Billy"Jono Howard ()
3511"King of the Rats"Terry Klassen ()
3812"The Show Must Go On"Peter Hynes ()
3913"Tuneless"Michael Benyaer ()
4014"Queenie’s New Bow"Judy Valyi ()
4115"Double Billy"Norman Hudis ()
4216"Happy Starday!"Keith Brumpton ()
4317"Running Wild"Fabrice Ziolkowski ()
4418"Eau de Junkyard"Catherine Girczyc ()
4519"Paws, Jaws and Claws"Keith Brumpton ()
4620"From Whom the Bell Tolls"Peter Hynes ()
4721"Jumbo Flyer"Barry Whittaker ()
4822"Pride and Prejudice"Stephen Desberg ()
4923"The Amulet of Cerberus"TBA ()
5024"The Trouble with Bob"Jill Brett ()
5125"The Invasion of the Cat Nappers"Fabrice Ziolkowski ()
5226"Speak No Evil"Fabrice Ziolkowski ()

TV movies

Title Directed by Written by Original air date
"One of the Guys"Les OrtonJono Howard, Terry Klassen, Robin Lyons, Malcolm McGookin, Andrew Offiler, Judy Valyi, and Barry Whittaker1998 (1998)
"Cats Can Talk"Jean Pierre JacquetFabrice Ziolkowski, Luli Barzman, and Stephen Desberg2001 (2001)

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