Bibliotheca Sacra

Bibliotheca Sacra  
Discipline Theology, Old Testament, New Testament
Language English
Edited by Larry J. Waters
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Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0006-1921

Bibliotheca Sacra is a theological journal published by Dallas Theological Seminary. First published in 1844, it is the oldest theological journal in the United States. It was founded at Union Theological Seminary in 1843, and after publishing three issues moved to Andover Theological Seminary (now Andover Newton Theological School) in 1844, to Oberlin College in 1884, and to Xenia Seminary in 1922. Dallas Theological Seminary (then the Evangelical Theological Seminary) took over publication in 1934.


The founding editor of Bibliotheca Sacra was Edward Robinson, who handed it over in 1844 to Bela Bates Edwards, who merged it with the Biblical Repository in 1851. Upon his death in 1852 it was taken over by Edwards Amasa Park, who pledged to "cherish a catholic spirit among the conflicting schools of evangelical divines" and held the editorship until 1884, when in an effort to keep it safe from growing liberal sentiment at Andover, he transferred control of the journal to George Frederick Wright at Oberlin College. Wright edited Bibliotheca Sacra until 1921, when he was succeeded by Melvin G. Kyle. Kyle's successors as editor were John H. Webster (1930–1933), Rollin T. Chafer (1934–1940), Lewis Sperry Chafer (1940–1952), John F. Walvoord (1952–1985), Roy B. Zuck (1986–2013), and Larry J. Waters (2013–).[1]


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