Bernard J. Schaffer

Bernard J. Schaffer (born 1974) is a police detective, an author, and a former child actor who appeared on the Nickelodeon program Don't Just Sit There. He joined the police department in 1996 and passed the detective's test in 2005.

Schaffer cites Stephen King's On Writing as his favorite book, describing King as "my Musashi," and the Harry Potter novels as his favorite series.


Schaffer has self-published several works, including:

He is also the founder of the short-fiction anthology Kindle All-Stars, contributing the Seneca 6 story "Old-Time Lawmen" to the first collection, Resistance Front, and the story "Carnival of Cryptids" in the second collection, Carnival of Crypids. His upcoming projects include the historical sequel Whitechapel 2: Inspector Lestrade and the Torso Killer, the sword-and-sorcery fantasy story The Widow Sword, and a third installment of the Kindle All-Stars anthology.


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