Bermuda National Library

(Bermuda National Library)
Established 1839
Location Hamilton, Bermuda
Items collected books, reference collection, newspapers, eBooks, magazines, DVDs, sound and music recordings, language Tapes, audio book CDs
Size 100,000 items
Legal deposit Yes, since 1832.

The Bermuda National Library is the national library in Bermuda and it is located in the capital city of Hamilton. It was founded in 1839 by British soldier, administrator and meteorologist, the governor William Reid, who reigned as governor from 1839 to 1846, and was at the time located in what is today's Cabinet Building.[1]


It is now located in Par-la-ville Park off of Queen Street and Par-la-ville Road, between Church and Front Streets in the capital. It is only open during traditional daytime hours Monday through Friday and on Saturdays. The library offers on-line services available to residents who register and obtain a membership number. The services include an online catalog, EBSCO, host of a collection of databases, a digital collection of archived editions of historic newspapers preserved on microfiche, eBook downloads, FreeGal Music downloads, Project Gutenberg, Freading, Britannica Online and online tutoring services through for those that have library membership.

The digital collection offers an online archived repository of preserved works such as Bermuda Recorder dating from 1933 (although the paper began in 1925), the Royal Gazette with editions dating from 1784, the Bermuda Sun, Mid-Ocean News, the Workers Voice which is still published, Fame Magazine and Bermuda Sports (from 1951-1957). In addition, they will soon offer digital editions of the Bermuda Life and Times and the Bermuda Beacon.

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