Ben Lyons

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Ben Lyons

Lyons in March 2012
Born Benjamin Lyons
(1981-10-08) October 8, 1981
New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation Entertainment reporter
Years active 2002–present

Ben Lyons (born October 8, 1981) is an American entertainment reporter/sports commentator.

Early life

Lyons is the son of entertainment reporter Jeffrey Lyons and the grandson of the American newspaper columnist Leonard Lyons.[1]


Lyons started his own production company in 2002 and produced segments for the TV show, Hip-Hop Nation. In 2004, MTV hired him to co-host Your Movie Show. In 2006, Lyons hosted entertainment segments on The Daily 10. In addition, he began to write a column for E! Online called "The Lyons Den". Lyons hosted My Family's Got GUTS, on Nickelodeon and has appeared in Disaster Movie and The House Bunny. He is a regular contributor to Good Morning America. In 2012, Lyons left E! and became a correspondent on Extra. Lyons also joined ESPN as a commentator in 2012.

In September 2008, Lyons became a co-host of the TV show, At the Movies.[2][3] Critics said Lyons lacked a proper understanding of film history,[2] used language that sounded like movie advertising (in order to promote his own profile),[4] and had a conflict of interest with some actors whose movies he reviewed.[2][5] Roger Ebert gave implied criticism of Lyons in his online blog.[6][7] Lyons and his co-host, Ben Mankiewicz, were fired from the program less than a year later, on August 2009.

Lyons also hosts a podcast of The Players' Tribune.[8]

Lyons is ESPN Sports Commentator.

Lyons was named Fathom Events host in April 2016.[9]


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