Beast Stalker

Beast Stalker
Directed by Dante Lam
Produced by
  • Dante Lam
  • Candy Leung
  • Cheung Hong-tat
Written by
  • Dante Lam
  • Ng Wai-lun
Music by Henry Lai
Cinematography Cheung Man-po
Tse Chung-to
Edited by Chan Ki-hop
Distributed by Emperor Motion Pictures
Release dates
  • 27 November 2008 (2008-11-27) (Hong Kong)
Running time
109 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$8 million[1]

Beast Stalker (Chinese: 證人) is a 2008 Hong Kong action thriller film written, produced and directed by Dante Lam. The film stars Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Zhang Jingchu and Liu Kai-chi.


A traffic accident changed their lives forever.

In capturing wanted criminal Zhang Yidong, Sergeant Tong Fei (Nicholas Tse) was involved in a gunfight and car accident that put the criminal in a coma. But in the process he also crippled a fellow officer, and mistakenly shot dead the elder daughter of public prosecutor and single mother Gao Min (Zhang Jingchu). Unable to handle the guilt, Tong Fei succumbs to a fog of pain. Gao Min, meanwhile, pours all her love and attention to her younger daughter Ling.

Three months later, the criminal Cheung Yat-tung awakens from his coma. Gao Min, who had been working hard on bringing him to justice, insists he stand trial immediately.



Derek Elley of Variety wrote, "Crying out for a Stateside remake from its opening reel, stygian crimer Beast Stalker grips like a vise, and is unquestionably the finest Asian action-psychodrama since South Korea's The Chaser last year."[1] Neil Young of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "This glossy, flashily directed plausibility-stretcher picks up whenever the bad guy's unusual character and history are being explored, but flattens out when the focus shifts back from pursued to pursuer."[2] G. Allen Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle called it a new addition to "Hong Kong's great cycle of kinetic action films".[3]


Ceremony Category Name Outcome
15th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actor Nick Cheung Won
Film of Merit Beast Stalker Won
28th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screenplay Jack Ng, Dante Lam Nominated
Best Actor Nick Cheung Won
Best Supporting Actor Liu Kai-chi Won
Best Film Editing Chan Ki-hop Nominated
Best Sound Design Phyllis Cheng, Nip Kei-wing, David Wong Nominated
46th Golden Horse Awards Best Actor Nick Cheung Won
Best Action Choreography Stephen Tung Nominated
3rd Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Nick Cheung Nominated
Best Editor Chan Ki-hop Nominated
53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor Nick Cheung Won
10th Changchun Film Festival Best Actor Nick Cheung Won


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