Be Good

Be Good
Studio album by Alex Fong
Released 2005
Alex Fong chronology
Never Walk Alone
Be Good
In Your Distant Vicinity

Be Good is a 2005 album by Alex Fong (方力申).

Track listing

  1. ABC君 (Mr. ABC)
  2. 自欺欺人 ft. 傅穎 (Self-Deception)
  3. 我們不是朋友 (We Are Not Friends)
  4. 密碼 (Password)
  5. 石像 (Statue)
  6. 自導自戀 (Directing Your Own Love)
  7. 好走 (Better Go)
  8. 希望我聽錯 (I Hope I Didn't Hear That)
  9. 你記得嗎? (Do You Remember?)
  10. 幸福家庭 (Happy Family)

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