BN Music (television channel)

BN Music
Network RTV BN
Owned by Radio i televizija "BN" d.o.o. Bijeljina
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Language Bosnian language
Headquarters Bijeljina
Sister channel(s) BN Televizija
TotalTV Channel 105
Telemach Channel 13
Moja TV Channel 026
SUPER TV Channel 106
Bosna TV Channel 35

BN Music is a Bosnian commercial cable television channel based in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This television channel is part of RTV BN television network company and it broadcasts pop, rock and turbo-folk music and music shows from BN Radio. Viewers can via text message choose preferred music video which will be broadcast during the program. [1]
BN Music is available via cable systems throughout the former Yugoslavia, via satellite and exclusive IPTV platform offering a special "BN package." The channel has special programs intended for members of the Bosnian and Serbian diaspora living in EU countries.


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