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BKN, or Bohbot Kids Network (also BKN Kids), were syndicated blocks of animated TV series owned by Bohbot Communications and its subsidiaries or successors. BKN also is used to referred to Bohbot Communications and its subsidiaries or successors.

BKN Kids and BKN Kids II did not initially share programming as to grant the networks Syndex protection.[1]

Bohbot Kids Network

Bohbot Kids Network
Network Broadcast syndication
Launched September 1997 (1997-09)
Country of origin United States
Format animated series
Running time 12 hours a week

Bohbot Kids Network, BKN Kids Network or BKN, was a syndicated multi-block package.

BKN consisted of 12 programming hours a week and three blocks. The two weekdays block are Extreme Block, 7-8 AM, and the Comedy Block, 8-9 AM. While the third block, Amazin’ Adventures, aired on weekends 8-9 AM.[2]


BE launched BKN Kids Network in September 1997.[1] By 1997, the network has sign up 104 stations reaching 75% of the US with 65 stations airing in pattern and 35 stations signing on for three years. Amazin’ Adventures was showing The Mask: The Animated Series and Kids Toons in 1997 while Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was airing in the Comedy Block.[2] Chris Craft signed up to affiliate some its channels with BKN.[3]

Client stations

Amazin’ Adventures banner shows

BKN block shows


Network Broadcast syndication
Launched September 1998 (1998-09)
Country of origin United States
Format animated series

BKN Kids II (BKN 2) was a syndicated kids package.


With multiple offers in top 50 markets for BKN, Bohbot Entertainment launched a second syndication network, BKN Kids II for September 1998 to meet the demand. Station groups affiliating with BKN 2 at launch included Sinclair Broadcast Group, Tribune Broadcasting, Clear Channel Communications and ACME Communications. Bohbot planned to use several of its library series, Mighty Max, Highlander: The Animated Series, The Mask: The Animated Series, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to fill out the schedule.[1]

Bohbot Communications

Bohbot Communications
Private corporation
Industry TV
Genre children's animation
Fate Sold;assesments dismantled to the rights of Pearson Television present day, Fremantlemedia
Successor BKN International
Founded November 19, 1985[6]
Founder Allen J. Bohbot[7]
Defunct January 2001 (2001-01)
Subsidiaries BKN Kids Network
Quantum Media International
Bohbot Entertainment
BKN International (-1999)

Bohbot Communications (BC) was advertising and marketing company specializing in the children's market.[8]


Bohbot Communications Inc. was founded on November 19, 1985 as a media planning and buying service. BC added additional services over the following 10 years: animated children’s programming syndicator, program syndication sales distribution, licensing and merchandising. After previous attempts at local promotions and request from promotional agencies at 1995 NATPE, Bohbot entered national promotions field in 1996.[4]

Bohbot Entertainment distributed 65 episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in syndication starting in 1993.[3][9] BE picked up Double Dragon for syndication in 1993.[9]

Bohbot Communications Inc. in January 1994 split its operations into two units, Bohbot Media Worldwide (BM) and Bohbot Entertainment Worldwide (BE). Media would take over BC's media planning and buying services while Entertainment takes over TV distribution, licensing and merchandising, promotions and public relations operations.[8] In 1994, Bohbot Media agreed to distribute A.J.'s Time Travelers for Time Travelers, Inc. to Fox Children's Network for which the various Bohbot entities were sued in 1995 along with the producers.[10]

In March 1997, BE and DIC Entertainment agreed to a three-year output deal for Bohbot Kids Network consisting of five series.[2] BE launched BKN Kids Network in September.[1] By October, Bohbot Enterprises Worldwide, Inc., Bohbot Entertainment, Bohbot Media and the International Division were renamed BKN, Inc. (BKN), Bohbot Entertainment & Media Inc. (BEM), Quantum Media International, Inc. (QMI) and BKN International respectively.[10][11]

In April 1998, United Television and Columbia TriStar Television took a minority stake in BEM.[12]

With multiple offers in top 50 markets, Bohbot Entertainment scheduled a launch of a second syndication network, BKN Kids II, in September 1998 to met the demand. BE was also look for other syndicator's shows to include in BKN2.[1] With financial set backs in the past, a consortium of banks had given Bohbot $100 million in new financing in September 1998. Two new blocks were announced at the same time as well as the new chairman/CEO of Bohbot Kids Network, Rick Ungar. BKN also indicated that long-term network affiliation agreements were under close to being finalized with Chris-Craft/United Television, Tribune Broadcasting, Paramount Stations Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group and the WB network's WeB fill-in cable network.[13] BKN also purchased Epoch Ink Animation which was renamed to BKN Studios.[14]

BKNI went public and independent of BKN in 1999 on the Frankfurt Neuer Market stock exchange with BKN retaining 34% ownership.[15]

In January 2000, Bohbot Entertainment & Media Inc. was sued by Sinclair Broadcast Group over a supposed failure of Bohbot to purchase enough advertising on the broadcasting group's TV stations as agreed to in their BKN Network carriage agreement.[16] In July, the A.J.'s Time Travelers case ended in which the various Bohbot entities and Time Travelers entities had to pay damages with BKN paying $10 million, BEM $10 million and QMI, $5 million.[10]

BKN International in January 2001 acquired BKN, Inc.'s operating assets with BKN, Inc. would continue as a holding company with its BKNI holdings.[15]

BKN International

BKN International
Industry Television
Genre children's
Founded Cologne, Germany
Founder Allen J. Bohbot[7]
Defunct December 2009 (2009-12)
Headquarters Cologne, Germany
Key people
Nadia Nardonnet (President)
Allen J. Bohbot[7] (management board chair)
Production output
animated TV shows
Parent Bohbot Communications (-1999)

BKN International (BKNI) was a German kids TV production and distribution company.


BKN International was originally the Cologne, Germany based international arm of BKN, Inc. BKNI went public and independent of BKN in 1999 on the Frankfurt Neuer Market stock exchange with BKN retaining 34% ownership. The Jumanji, Starship Troopers and Extreme Ghostbusters series were being produced by BKNI for Sony Pictures by 2001. BKN International in January 2001 acquired BKN, Inc.'s operating assets: BKN animation library (5th largest at the time in the US), L.A. studio and its trademark for $28.1 million. BKN, Inc. would continue as a holding company with it BKNI holdings.[15] Following the BKN acquisition, Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group (SPFEG) purchased a 3.8% stake in BKNI from BKN, Inc. as the company expanded into US and Asia.[15][17] Under the deal, SPFE president Sander Schwartz became a member of the company's supervisory board while Allen Bohbot moved from the advisory board chairmanship to the management board's chairmanship.[15]

By October 2005, BKN New Media Inc. agreed to a $10 million outsourcing partnership with UTV Toons of India.[18]

In January 2009, BKNI was involved in talks to buy Entertainment Rights.[19] The company was delisted from the London stock exchange while remaining on the Deutsche Bourse.[20] In mid-year, BKN International filed for insolvency and began its sale of its assets in December 2009.[21]

Bohbot left the company by July 2010 to start up a new company, 41 Entertainment.[20]





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