Attack of the Sabretooth

Attack of the Sabretooth

DVD cover
Written by
  • Phil Botana
  • Tom Woosley
Directed by George T. Miller
Theme music composer Tim Jones
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Cinematography Mark Melville
Editor(s) Cindy Clarkson
Running time 92 minutes
Distributor Sci Fi Pictures
Budget $2.8 million
Original network Sci-Fi Channel
Original release
  • July 14, 2005 (2005-07-14)

Attack of the Sabretooth is a 2005 horror film that premiered on the Sci Fi Channel, directed by George T. Miller, and starring Robert Carradine, Nicholas Bell, Brian Wimmer and Stacy Haiduk. It was filmed on location in Fiji.

Niles, a multimillionaire, creates a new resort and theme park on an island in Fiji that features genetically-engineered sabre-tooth cats. He brings a huge group of investors, and a group of student tourists to the island to show off his creation, only to have a power failure result in the cats getting loose. The students and the park personnel try to avoid the bloodthirsty cats as they munch their way through every human in sight.


On a remote island, a Primal Park security guard enters a locked restricted area, where a sabre-tooth cat kills him. As Alan performs an inspection, Niles takes his ex-brother-in-law Grant and Autumn to a hotel where other investors are waiting. Security guards Savannah and Sundip ignore an alert on a gate, but Alan insists on checking it. College students Kirk, Alaina, Robbie, Alys, and Collette arrive to complete a scavenger hunt, and Niles takes them to the hotel.

After reporting an open gate, Alan finds the dead guard, and a sabretooth kills him. Sundip radios Savannah to let her know about the breach. As the students break into a shopping center complex, Savannah learns the cats have not returned to their pens. After Niles' pitch to investors, Savannah recommends to him they shut down the park, but he refuses. Kirk and Robbie set off an alarm. When Robbie and Alys hack into the computer system to turn it off, they accidentally release all the sabretooths. Sundip discovers the dead guards, but is unable to contact Savannah because the security system is down. A sabretooth kills him as he hunts it.

The students split up to find their objects. Savannah and Brian discover the power is out and the cats have free run of the island. Brian meets up with Sachariah in the park area, where Sachariah lets him know he was able to get the cats back in their pens. As the students locate their objects, Brian and Savannah fail to get the system back up. Niles takes Grant and the other investors to the shopping area, and the students split up to avoid being caught.

As Brian works on the main switch board, a sabretooth kills Alaina. Robbie hears her screams, runs to help, but is too late; he flees to the lab. Sachariah tells Savannah the cats are loose because of the power failure, and she decides to kill them despite Sachariah's objections. Brian finds Alys and Collette, who tell him there are two more kids to find.

When Autumn complains of feeling ill, Niles takes her and Grant to his office. Niles reveals to Grant the planned zoo will feature a mated pair of nearly 800 lbs sabretooth cats, but Niles refuses to allow Grant, who doubts he has the cats, to invest. Once Niles leaves, Autumn cracks his safe and steals his research. Brian and the girls arrive in the lab and find Robbie. Savannah finally reaches Brian on the radio, but the transmissions are too garbled to understand. While Brian leads the students to safety, they run into the female sabretooth. After hiding the students in a nearby room, Brian uses himself as bait, lures the cat into the lab, and kills it via an explosion. Brian tells the students there is another, larger male still on the loose.

As Kirk and a drunk, female investor make out, the male sabretooth kills her; Kirk runs off. Brian and the kids run into Sachariah, who reveals there are three cats total, not two. The third one, which Niles kept secret, is one ton and can only move around by dragging itself. He also reveals that all three cats are bulimic, which means they must constantly eat. When Savannah tells Niles about Alaina's death, he blows it off, and she leaves angrily. Back in the complex, Robbie offers to fix the system if they can get to the control center. Niles orders Brian to find and save the cats, but Brian refuses.

The male sabretooth kills Kirk before Brian shoots it. As Robbie fixes the system, the male cat kills Sacharaiah. Savannah warns the investors to leave. In the park, a cat kills Grant, but Autumn does not notice. As Brian tracks the male's blood trail, Savannah finds the deformed cat. Niles attacks her, but he flees when the cat approaches, only to be accidentally killed by a sabretooth cat model. Savannah kills the deformed cat as Brian arrives. He tells her he shot the other cat and that it probably crawled off to die. They get the students and leave, while the male cat kills Autumn.



Jon Condit of Dread Central rated it 2/5 stars and wrote, "Repulsively dumb characters, insipid dialogue, surprisingly gory death scenes, not so surprisingly terrible special effects, but at least it moves at a reasonably brisk pace and has a few mildly entertaining moments."[1]


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