Ask Shagg

Ask Shagg is a syndicated daily comic strip drawn by cartoonist Peter Guren since 1980.[1] It is distributed by Creators Syndicate; it had been distributed by United Feature Syndicate from 1980 until 1995.[2] The strip has run in dozens of newspapers including the Boston Globe, Columbus Dispatch, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.[2] In each strip Guren, through his Shagg E. Dawg character, answers questions from readers about the animal kingdom.

Content of the strip

The strip features lead character Shagg E. Dawg answering questions about animals that are sent in by readers. Questions about particular animals are sometimes answered by the strip's other characters, Rosko the cat, Mouth the myna bird, and Slippy the flying squirrel. In 1995 Guren was receiving more than 15,000 letters a year, with about 75% of them from children.[2] Readers receive a free Shagg doll if their question appears in the strip.

The strips generally feature a joke of some sort about the subject animal in addition to providing an accurate answer to the day's question. (For example, one strip answered a question about hamsters storing food in their cheeks and then compared it to a human carrying their money in their mouths. The last panel then showed a picture of a person holding their money in their mouth.)


In 1985 World Almanac Publications published the book Ask Shagg, with the attribution "by Shagg E. Dawg as told to Peter Guren."[3] It was distributed in the United States by Ballantine Books.

Community service

Guren has often used Ask Shagg to raise money or awareness for causes. His Shagg E. Dawg character was used on information cards about endangered species that were included with kid's meals from Wendy's fast-food restaurants in 1993.[4]

Web site

Guren launched his first Ask Shagg Web site in May 1996 and began putting the site's address in the newspaper version of his strip.[5] The site features a search engine with which users can search for "Ask Shagg" comic strips with questions about a particular animal.


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