Asaad Kelada

Asaad Kelada
Born (1942-11-20) November 20, 1942
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Television director/producer
Years active 1964–present

Asaad Kelada (born November 20, 1942) is an American television director of many popular American television situation comedies.

Early life

Kelada was born in Cairo, Egypt where he studied drama under Youssef Chahine at the American University in Cairo.[1] In 1961, he emigrated to the United States and studied directing at the Yale School of Drama.[2]


After directing stage plays and teaching drama in the 1960s and 1970s, he received his first opportunity directing television in 1976 with an episode of Rhoda titled "Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris". Since then, he has directed episodes of many well-known sitcoms, including Benson, WKRP in Cincinnati, The Facts of Life, and Who's the Boss?, for which he directed 117 episodes and also produced 51.

In an interview, Kelada said that good casting is essential to the success of a comedy, because "you cannot make the actor be funny". He also said that where drama is "analytical," comedy is "much more technical. It's about rhythm, timing, pace and energy."[3]


Year Series Notes
1976 Phyllis 2 episodes
1976–1978 Rhoda 7 episodes
1977 Busting Loose directed 1 episode
We've Got Each Other directed 1 episode
1977–1978 The Tony Randall Show directed 5 episodes
1978 Baby, I'm Back directed 1 episode
1978–1982 WKRP in Cincinnati directed 15 episodes
1979–1980 The Last Resort directed 15 episodes
1980 Benson directed 1 episode
1980–1985 The Facts of Life directed 77 episodes
1981 One Day at a Time directed 1 episode
The Two of Us directed 4 episodes
Park Place directed 1 episode
1982 Report to Murphy directed 1 episode
The Facts of Life Goes to Paris Director, Television movie
1982–1988 Family Ties directed 8 episodes
1984 Night Court directed 2 episodes
1984–1990 Who's the Boss? directed 117 episodes, producer, 51 episodes
1985 No Complaints! Television movie
1986 The Hogan Family directed 5 episodes
1988–1989 Day by Day directed 2 episodes
1989 The Ed Begley Jr. Show directed 1 episode
1990 Married People Director, Unknown episodes
1991 Designing Women directed 1 episode
1996 The Louie Show directed 2 episodes
In the House directed 4 episodes
1996–1997 Sister, Sister directed 7 episodes
1999–2002 Dharma & Greg directed 14 episodes
2000 The Michael Richards Show directed 4 episodes
2000–2001 Everybody Loves Raymond directed 2 episodes
2001 Good Morning, Miami directed 1 episode
2003 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch directed 2 episodes
2004 Still Standing directed 1 episode
2005 Two and a Half Men directed 2 episodes
2006 Courting Alex directed 2 episodes
2009 The Office directed 1 episode
Ruby & The Rockits directed 2 episodes

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