Armstrong Group of Companies

Industry Telecommunication
Founded 1946
Founder Jud L. Sedwick
Headquarters Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
Key people
Jay L. Sedwick
Kirby J. Campbell
(Vice Chairman)
Dru A. Sedwick
(President and CEO)
Products Broadband Internet, Cable Television, Telephone
Number of employees

The Armstrong is a major northeastern cable, telecommunications and internet service provider, operating services in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Maryland. Armstrong Utilities, Inc. ranks among the 15 largest multi-system operators in the United States.


Armstrong began in 1946 and was originally called Armstrong County Line Construction. Founded by Jud L. Sedwick, the company was headquartered in Kittanning, Armstrong County, in Pennsylvania. Together with is brother Ned, Sedwick ran two crews consisting of six men each, whose job consisted of hanging telephone lines, setting telephone poles, and clearing right of way throughout western Pennsylvania, and managed to grow the company to 12 crews by the end of their first year of operations.


Armstrong is best known in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, and Kentucky for its digital cable services, most commonly providing television, telephone and high-speed Internet service. Currently, Armstrong employs over 2,300 people nationwide. The company's customer service and corporate offices are housed in Butler County, western Pennsylvania, with local offices scattered throughout the region and neighboring states.

Services offered

Armstrong Cable

In 1963, the first cable television customers of Armstrong were connected in Butler, Pennsylvania. These customers were provided with nine viewing channels. For the next 40+ years Armstrong continued to grow in western Pennsylvania and the surrounding states virtually uncontested for television service until the expansion of satellite service became more widespread. With the increase in competitors, new services emerged. Armstrong cable now offers personal video recorders (PVR), video on demand service (VOD), pay-per-view service (PPV), as well as high-definition digital programming.

Armstrong Zoom Internet

Armstrong also offers high speed broadband internet service for residential and commercial customers. Effective May 1, 2013, data caps were implemented based on the subscriber's overall package and tier of internet service.

Armstrong Cable Telephone

Armstrong offers a cable telephone service that can be bundled with either the video or internet product, or as a stand-alone product. This service offers unlimited, nationwide calling, as well as to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Armstrong Telephone Company

Originated in 1950 by purchasing Ritchie Telephone Company in Harrisville, West Virginia, Armstrong owns and operates independent telephone companies in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. These local offices are set up to provide local and long-distance calling services, optional digital calling features, as well as DSL Internet services.

Awards & Recognition

2012 Best Customer Service Award

CableFAX Magazine, a leading telecommunications publication, awarded Armstrong the 2012 Best Customer Service Award for service excellence among independent cable operators nationwide.[1]

Armstrong has been rated #1 in customer service by Consumer Reports for two years in a row. (2014 & 2015)

Political Activities

In 2012, Armstrong offered 2016: Obama's America for free to its customers. In that same year, Armstrong donated over $1 million in the form of "in-kind cable access" to American Crossroads, a Republican Super PAC.[2] Armstrong also donated $40,000 to Fight for the Dream PAC, a Super PAC that opposed the re-election of Senator Bob Casey.[3]


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