Type Satellite Television
Country Indonesia
Motto "Asyiknya 24 Jam"
Owner PT Karyamegah Adijaya
Key people
Rini M. Soemarno, Ongki P. Soemarno, Sugiono Wiyono
Launch date
August 7, 2008
Official website

Aora is an Indonesian direct broadcast satellite pay television company that is operated by PT Karyamegah Adijaya and is owned by Rini M. Soemarno, Ongki P. Soemarno and join at dormant period Sugiono Wiyono. It started its nationwide broadcast in the beginning of August 2008 with an initial 10 channels, highlighting the 2008 Summer Olympics. Four of the channels were dedicated to Olympic coverage. Aora earned the exclusive broadcasting rights to the 2008 Olympics exclusively for Indonesia.[1]

Still in August 2008, Aora TV won the sole rights in Indonesia to broadcast the 200809 season of the Premier League and offered a new, 12-channel package service which included ESPN and STAR Sports, which contains the Premier League content. This allows Aora subscribers to watch, in full, the 370 Premier League matches of the 2008/09 season, including preview shows and weekly highlights.[2] The Premier League broadcast rights were then expired just few hours before the start of the 2009/2010 season, that forced Aora to replace both channels with Goal TV 1 and Goal TV 2 effective on August 15, 2009. At the same time, Aora also added several new channels into its channels lineup. Due to no exclusive Premier League matches again, Aora TV loss a lot of the subscribers and at end of 2009 Aora TV discontinued all of the broadcast followed by curtailment of 90 percent of the employees. In January 2010 Aora TV re-broadcast, but not as Premium/Exclusive Pay TV as before. At the current Aora TV try as medium to low income market with the lowest subscription fee Rp.59,000 (around $7) per month. In Q3 2011, Aora launched "Aora HD", an HD programming consisting of HBO HD, Star Movies HD, Discovery HD World, NGC HD, ASN, ESPN HD, FoodNetwork HD, Cartoon Network HD, HBO Hits HD and KompasTV HD. Fees are only for decoder rental which goes for Rp.99,000 (approximately US$11) per month.


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