Anne Louise Hassing

Anna Louise Hassing
Born (1967-09-17) 17 September 1967
Horsens, Denmark
Occupation Actress
Years active 1992present
Spouse(s) Peter Hellemann
Awards Bodil Award
1993 'Kærlighedens Smerte'

Robert Award
1993 'Kærlighedens Smerte'

Bodil Award
1997 'Idioterne'

Denmark's Best Television Actress
2004 - 2006 Kroniken

Anne Louise Hassing (born 17 September 1967) is a Danish actress best known for her award-winning roles in the films The Idiots (Danish: Idioterne) and Pain of Love (Danish: Kærlighedens Smerte).


Anne Louise Hassing was born in Horsens, Denmark, on 17 September 1967. Hassing's acting career is known in Denmark for its remarkable start.[1] In 1992, Hassing made her film debut in the lead role of Nils Malmros' Pain of Love (Danish: Kærlighedens Smerte). Malmros auditioned 362 actresses before choosing Hassing to play the role of an extremely emotional character named Kirsten, a manic-depressive student having an affair with her teacher.[1] The role earned Hassing both the Robert and the Bodil awards for Best Actress.

I recognized much of myself in the film's Kirsten. Her qualities are very much my own: cheerfulness, the variety of emotions, vulnerability, but also the many mood swings, which for me never developed into actual depression. I was also in love with a teacher in high school.
Anne Louise Hassing, translated from Jyllens-Posten interview, 1992[1]

Afterward, Hassing worked for a short time as a bartender in Aarhus, Denmark.[2] She was accepted into the Danish National School of Theater, which she attended from 1993 to 1997. Despite suffering from extreme stage fright, Hassing continued to pursue theater work.[2] Her next notable role came five years later, after she graduated from the National School of Theater. In 1997, Hassing played the tender, uncomplicated character of Susanne in Lars Von Trier's Dogme film, The Idiots (Danish:Idioterne). Again, Hassing won a Bodil Award for her role, earning Best Supporting Actress of 1997.[3] In an interview, Hassing spoke about working with Trier:

Everyone worked hard because Lars is incredibly demanding. He wants it real. No one can cheat. Everything must come from the heart. It is very inspiring, but one needs three month of vacation afterward...
Anne Louise Hassing, translated from Ekstra Bladet interview, 1998[1]

Hassing has performed in the film adaptations of the Jane Aamund's novels Klinkevals and Juliane as well as the Danish TV series Strisser på Samsø (A Cop on Samsø) and De pokkers forældre.[4] Hassing again received critical acclaim for her featured role as Ida in the popular Danish television drama Krøniken (English title: Better Times), for which she was awarded the Best Actress award in 2004, 2005, and 2006 at the annual Danish television awards, TvFestival.[5]

Personal life

Hassing is married to Danish musician Peter Hellemann.[4] Hassing practices Nichiren Buddhism with the Buddhist association Soka Gakkai International and credits the practice for relaxing her and relieving anxieties about her career and life.[6][1]



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