Animorphs (video game)

This article is about the Game Boy Color game. For the PC game, see Animorphs: Know the Secret. For the PlayStation game, see Animorphs: Shattered Reality.
Developer(s) Runny-Fun
Distributor(s) Ubisoft
Producer(s) Tony Gold
Designer(s) Christopher Locke
Grady Sain
Programmer(s) Christopher Locke
Artist(s) Grady Sain
Dirk Tiede
Composer(s) Randy Wilson
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
Release date(s)

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  • NA: November 7, 2000

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  • PAL: December 15, 2000
Genre(s) Adventure, Role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single-player

Animorphs is a 2000 game for Game Boy Color. It is based upon the popular Scholastic book series Animorphs by K. A. Applegate.


One of the Animorphs in Coyote morph prepares to fight a Hork-Bajir.

The game operates in a series of turn-based battles during combat. In a manner similar to the Pokémon video games, the object of this game is to fight and defeat various animals and aliens in order to gain the morph (DNA) of that creature.[1] Sometimes, you can use the animal you've acquired's skills outside combat. For example, snakes crawl up walls, fish swim, and bird morphs take to the air. [2] The game saves using a password system.


The game was developed by Runny-Fun and distributed by Ubisoft. Little is currently known about the game's development history.


Critical reception of the game was generally low. Marc Nix of IGN described the game as "pat and boring, but also silly in difficulty at times since there's little guiding your path and no real clue to the strategy." He gave it a score of 3.0 out of 10. Nintendo Power was a bit more favorable in its review of the game, giving it 3 out of 5.[3]


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