Animation department

Animation departments are departments for step-by step making by a group.


Retake department - the department used to look for mistakes of the animation and have it redone all over again. An animator will be checking all drawings or sketching in order to have a good look at the final animation.

Animation department - the department where animators bring the character into life and motion.

D.I.P and compositing department - the department where special effects and instructions and specifications can be done and executed. Chroma key/backlighting is one of the examples of this department.

In-betweening department - draws the sequence of frames between the animators key drawing following the animators style of line movements and characterization.

Editing department - the department wherein the artist puts ON MODEL animators key rough drawings, giving quality lines of a specific style needed for the show and the animation.

Background department - the penciled scanned digitally and manually painted backgrounds are passed to this department.

Storyboard department - it is the department in which the story is being made.

Scanning department - in this department all drawings are scanned in order to know what is missing and what is there already.

Sound effects and musical scoring department - the department that creates soundtracks and sound effects. Choirs and instrumental devices are used for making sound effects.

Layout department - the heads of this department draw the overall composition of each scene in order to have a series play and put all scenes in one movie editor.

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