Animal Chin

Animal Chin
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Genres Ska punk
Pop punk
Skate Punk
Years active 19972000
Labels Fueled By Ramen, Kingpin Records, Kickflilp Records
Members Jamie Woolford - guitar, vocals
Andrew Gruhn - bass, backing vocals
B.J. Wuollet - drums
Past members Jeremy Tappero - drums, guitar
Ronn Pifer - drums

Animal Chin was a ska punk group from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The group was named after the 1987 skateboarding film, The Search for Animal Chin. They released their debut LP in 1997, and soon after signed to Fueled By Ramen, who pressed their EP The Ins & Outs of Terrorism! that same year. In 1999, Fueled By Ramen released the LP 20 Minutes from Right Now, but the group split up just before the album's release.[1] Bassist Gruhn went back to finish college, lead singer Woolford went on to form The Stereo and drummer Wuollet joined the group Kill Sadie.[1]



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