Angels (TV series)


Final version of series titles from 1983
Genre Drama
Created by Paula Milne
Starring Fiona Fullerton
Lesley Dunlop
Julie Dawn Cole
Angela Bruce
Pauline Quirke
Kathryn Apanowicz
Shirley Cheriton
Judith Jacob
Clare Clifford
Lynda Bellingham
Rizvana Qurban
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 9
No. of episodes 220
Producer(s) Ron Craddock, Morris Barry, Julia Smith
Original network BBC1
Original release 1 September 1975 – 22 December 1983

Angels is a British television seasonal drama series dealing with the subject of student nurses and was broadcast by the BBC between 1975 and 1983 and was once described as the "Z-Cars of nursing".

The show's format switched to a twice-weekly soap opera format (although still seasonal) from 1979 to 1983.

Background and creators

The show's title derived from the name of the hospital where the series was originally set—St. Angela's, Battersea—although in the early 1980s the scenario changed to Heath Green Hospital, Birmingham. The series was devised by Paula Milne.[1] Early producers included Morris Barry and Ron Craddock. The first episode was directed by Julia Smith who became the show's producer in 1979. Her script editor on the later series was Tony Holland.[2] Filming took place at St James' Hospital, Balham, London (now demolished).

Julia Smith enlisted Tony Holland as Angels script editor after the show became a twice-weekly soap. Smith and Holland went on to create EastEnders in the 1980s. Writers on its first series included Jill Hyem and Anne Valery – who both later co-wrote Tenko – and Adele Rose.


The series provided valuable early TV exposure for a variety of young actresses who became better known on British TV, including Fiona Fullerton, Erin Geraghty, Lesley Dunlop, Julie Dawn Cole, Angela Bruce, Clare Clifford and Pauline Quirke. Additionally, Kathryn Apanowicz, Shirley Cheriton and Judith Jacob all later appeared in EastEnders, with Cheriton playing the particularly prominent role of Debbie Wilkins. Mamta Kaash played a key role in the hospital drama Casualty.

Critical reception

Angels, in its 1979 to 1983 weekly soap format, tackled issues such as contraception, alcoholism and promiscuity as part of the nurses' lives. Angels received criticism for its unglamorous depiction of the nursing profession, but Smith defended the programme, arguing the need to address such subjects in the series. Indeed, with its sometimes hard-hitting portrayal of young nurses facing up to the demands of the profession, Angels, particularly in its soap format days of 1979 to 1983, was grittily authentic. To this end, each actress taking a part was required to work on a real hospital ward to gain experience and thus contribute to the realism of the production. Writers too researched their scripts in real hospitals.

From 2004 Channel 4 has screened the drama series No Angels, also set in a hospital, and specifically aimed at showing nurses as more fallible characters.

On 18 March 2013 Simply Media released the Series 1 (fifteen episodes) of Angels on DVD. Series 2 was released in September 2014.


Actress Character Series Duration
Fiona Fullerton Patricia Rutherford Series 1-3
Julie Dawn Cole Jo Longhurst Series 1-3
Lesley Dunlop Ruth Fullman Series 1
Clare Clifford Shirley Brent Series 1-4
Karan David Sita Patel Series 1-3
Erin Geraghty Maureen Morahan Series 1-3
Angela Bruce Sandra Ling Series 1-5
Joanna Monro Anna Newcross Series 4-7
Shirley Cheriton Katy Betts Series 4-7
Carol Holmes Jean MacEwen Series 4-6, 8-9
Shelley King Jay Harper Series 4-5
Kate Saunders Brenda Cotteral Series 4
Clare Walker Sarah Lloyd-Smith #1 Series 4
Kate Lock Sarah Lloyd-Smith #2 Series 5
Kathryn Apanowicz Rose Butchins Series 5-7
Sharon Rosita Fleur Barrett Series 5-7
Judith Jacob Beverley Slater Series 5-7
Susan Gilmore Elizabeth Fitt Series 6-7
Fay Howard Adrienne O'Shea Series 6
Julia Williams Tracey Willoughby Series 7-9
Sarah Lam Linda Mo Series 7-8
Pauline Quirke Vicky Smith Series 8-9
Mamta Kaash Nargis Khan Series 8
Michelle Martin Janet Dickens Series 8-9
Juliet Waley Alison Streeter Series 8-9
Joy Lemoine Ayo Lapido Series 9


Some TV tie-in novels were published to coincide with the series.


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