Angela Hunter

Angela Hunter
First appearance Caroline's First Day
Last appearance Series 2, Episode 3
Portrayed by Sarah Alexander
Gender Female
Occupation Senior registrar in paediatrics. Later became an actress.
Title Doctor

Angela Hunter is a character in the British sitcom Green Wing played by Sarah Alexander.


Angela was the senior registrar in paediatrics at East Hampton Hospital Trust.

As well as being talented at her job, she could juggle, and had a Grade 7 distinction at playing the harp. She also looked perfect, using a special kit for her hair, and even ironed her knickers.

She had a steady boyfriend called Liam. Liam said that she is absolutely wonderful, but claims that "she dances like a wolf". However, Angela decided that they should split up, just before finding out that Liam was incredibly rich.

She used to live with Kim Alabaster in human resources, but moved to live with surgical registrar Dr. Caroline Todd as a lodger, something which Caroline was hoping to avoid. Caroline did not get on well with Angela due to her perfectionism, which made Caroline feel inferior. The biggest argument they ever had was when Angela accused her of wearing her knickers, but Caroline proved that this was not true. Angela also had her own views of Caroline. In a deleted scene, she referred to her as her "At-Least-I'm-Not..." person, in the sense that everything may go wrong but "At least I'm not Caroline".

Angela's looks proved to be a big hit on television. When a documentary crew came to film the hospital, she was chosen to present, and subsequently left East Hampton to pursue an acting career. She also seemed to be attracted to the director, an Irishman named Patrick.

Angela died soon after leaving her job at East Hampton. A moose was implicated in her death. Caroline, Guy, Martin, Sue and Boyce attended her funeral, and Mac (who actually liked her) even turned up to pay his respects. On behalf of all the staff at the hospital, Martin performed a mime in her memory.

The only other main fact about her is that she was friends with Holly Hawkes, the former girlfriend of Dr. "Mac" Macartney, and was one of the first people to know about her marriage.



When Caroline first sees Angela, she is strangling Martin and telling him to do some really harsh things to "the new girl". The relationship between them appears to be one-way, in the sense that Angela is always friendly towards Caroline (albeit often in a subtly undermining way), but Caroline hates Angela for being so perfect. They do get on for most of the time. Angela is the only person to believe Caroline during the time Guy was spreading rumours about Caroline having sex with him.

When Caroline is looking for a lodger, she hears from Boyce that Angela is looking for accommodation. Although she gets rid of the ad to stop Angela moving in, Boyce tells her about the room, answers the advert, and eventually moves in. Caroline is not only annoyed by Angela moving in, but also by Liam coming along and frequently having sex. Sex seems to be an issue that circles around their relationship. When Angela discovered Guy's league table of women, Caroline got angry because Angela scored better on her on "Arse". They also got in a fight when Angela falsely accused Caroline of wearing her knickers.

When a television crew came to film at the hospital, Angela was the one who was going to be the star of the show, when Caroline thought that she was. Caroline became increasingly angry, not only by the way Angela was getting the cameras' attention (such as wiggling much more than usual as she walked) but also when Angela was giving an acting job. Before Angela left, Caroline made it clear that she hated her. Angela replied by telling her that Caroline was "the perfect girlfriend". In a deleted scene, Caroline learns that Angela left her harp to Caroline in her will, something Caroline dislikes as she has no space, and even claims Angela did it deliberately to annoy her.


It is not known how long Angela and Liam have been going out, but it has been going on for a while.

The first time they are seen together is in the car park in Liam's car, (a Volvo PV444) where Angela tells him that he has a bump in his nose. When Angela moves into Caroline's brother's flat, she does not tell Caroline that Liam is moving in as well. The first time Caroline sees Liam is while he is making love to Angela.

Liam seems to get on well with Angela, and likes her in almost every way, except for her dancing. Angela on the other hand decides to leave him because he spends too much time playing Pokémon Pinball. She leaves a message on his phone. However, she changes her mind when he proposes marriage and Angela realises just how rich he is. Liam quickly changes his mind once he gets Angela’s message. This may have been a reference to the series Coupling, in which Sarah Alexander also stars, where the character of Patrick dumps a girlfriend on her answering machine but then finds out that she wants to have a threesome with him, and tries to erase the message before she finds out.

Other relationships

Angela seems to be popular with most of the staff members, including Guy, Mac, Boyce, and the women in human resources.

She however does not get on with Sue, and spends little time with Joanna. She left the hospital with Peter, the Irish director who took her to Toronto. However, soon after, she died of unknown causes; Guy, in the post-series 2 special, said it had something to do with a moose.

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