Angela's Eyes

Angela's Eyes
Created by Dan McDermott
Directed by Mike Rohl
Chris Grismer
Starring Abigail Spencer
Lyriq Bent
Joe Cobden
Rick Roberts
Paul Popowich
Boyd Gaines
Alberta Watson
Opening theme "Scream" by Berlin
Composer(s) James Raymond
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Cathy Schulman
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) NBC Universal Television
Original network Lifetime
Original release July 16 – September 10, 2006 (2006-09-10)

Angela's Eyes is an American television crime drama that premiered on July 16, 2006, on Lifetime, running for 13 episodes. The show aired Sundays at 10 p.m. Lifetime announced that the show would not be picked up for a second season.


Angela's Eyes followed Angela Henson Anderson, an FBI agent who had a gift for knowing when people were lying by reading their body language. Her imprisoned parents Colin and Lydia Anderson were the two most notorious spies in the U.S. After an adolescence haunted by their mistakes, Angela decided to put her gift of seeing liars to good use and spend her time putting away the 'bad guys'.

Main cast

Actor Role
Abigail Spencer Angela Anderson Henson
Lyriq Bent Leo Jenkins
Joe Cobden Dozer
Rick Roberts Gene Taylor
Paul Popowich Jerry Anderson
Boyd Gaines Colin Anderson
Alberta Watson Lydia Anderson


Every title of the episodes contains the word "eye" excluding "Pilot".

No. Title Original airdate Summary
1 Pilot July 16, 2006 Angela finds a millionaire's missing wife and exposes a plan to launder her husband's money. Angela's romance with new boyfriend Peter is threatened by her trust issues, and a visit to her father in prison leads Angela to the family's time capsule—only to find it has recently been removed.
2 Eyes for Windows July 23, 2006 Angela saves a news anchor from a crazed stalker but a sudden realization leads to her abandoning Peter at her friend's wedding. Frustrated by her suspicious nature, he ends the relationship. Jerry, her trouble-making brother, who believes their parents are innocent, makes an unexpected visit.
3 In God's Eyes July 30, 2006 Angela usually has no problems interrogating witnesses and suspects, but she finds it challenging to question a priest covering up for someone else. Lydia is sick and needs her daughter's bone marrow to survive, which puts Angela in a quandary.
4 Eyes of the Father August 6, 2006 While in hospital for the bone marrow transplant, Angela meets a medical intern named Dylan; they have instant chemistry. Angela is surprised to see her boss Gene and her mother meeting in the hospital room. Gene has clearly been keeping secrets.
5 Undercover Eyes August 13, 2006 Angela goes undercover as a substitute teacher at a high school to bust a drug ring. She comes close to death, but is rescued by her partner Leo just in time. Angela tries to make amends with Gene, even though he is still not being honest about his visits to her mother.
6 Political Eyes August 20, 2006 Angela spends her birthday searching for a missing opera singer. Dylan patiently waits to spend time with her; he gets her a nice birthday present. Later her brother Jerry arrives with the family time capsule. Inside it is a photo of their parents with a mystery man.
7 Open Your Eyes August 27, 2006 The team faces one of their most dangerous assignments yet: they must recover a deadly virus that is being held for ransom. Angela meets the mystery man from her parents' past. He claims her parents are innocent and that they were working with the U.S. government to protect Russian defectors, but he is murdered before he has the chance to prove it.
8 Blue-Eye Blues September 10, 2006 Angela helps free an abducted teenager, but the victim is reluctant to identify her captor. Angela realizes the girl is still under her kidnapper's spell and manages to prevent her from becoming a suicide bomber. Angela's mother gives her a cryptic message which leads her to a mysterious Russian document. Dylan tells Gene he can no longer spy on Angela as he has fallen in love with her.
9 Lyin' Eyes September 17, 2006 Angela is shot at home. As she struggles to survive, flashbacks show her recruitment to the FBI and her first case, in which she uses her body-reading ability to win at poker. Gene visits Lydia again, and promises to keep the truth from Angela. Jerry discovers Dylan's treachery.
10 Eyes Wide Shut September 24, 2006 Leo's friend, an undercover police officer, is killed. His honesty is questioned, but the truth surprises Leo. Angela worries about her missing boyfriend.
11 In Your Eyes October 1, 2006 Angela's friend and partner, technical wizard Dozer, is aboard a hijacked plane, and must handle the negotiation. Angela confronts Lydia about her lies. Her ex-boyfriend Peter resurfaces.
12 The Camera's Eye October 8, 2006 Angela becomes involved with the art world when a controversial artist is killed and one of his paintings stolen. An assassin from the past is at large. Jerry tries to decrypt the Russian documents but then they are stolen.
13 Eyes on the Prize October 15, 2006 The Russian documents seem to be related to the death of the local fixer. Angela hopes to learn the truth about her parents at last. Series finale


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