Andy On

Andy On
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Ān Zhìjié (Mandarin)
Jyutping On1 Zi3 Git6 (Cantonese)
Birth name Andy Tien
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1977-05-11) 11 May 1977
Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Occupation Actor, Martial Artist
Years active 2002present
Spouse(s) Jessica Cambensy
Children 1
Ancestry Taiwan

Andy On (Chinese: 安志杰; pinyin: Ān Zhìjié; Cantonese Yale: On Chi Kit) (born 11 May 1977) is a Taiwanese American actor and martial artist.

Life and career

On was born on 11 May 1977,[1] in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a native of the USA, and can speak English, Mandarin and a bit of Cantonese.

Andy On did not graduate from high school. He worked as a bartender in Rhode Island. While doing this, he was approached by China Star founder Charles Heung and filmmaker Tsui Hark to take over the role of one of Jet Li's film characters, Black Mask, in Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002). Despite the poor reviews and the bad box office, On continued to act and, in fact, improve in not only martial arts but acting as well. Like fellow Hong Kong film star Nicholas Tse, On trained in martial arts under Chung Chi Li, the leader of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. He began training with him in 2001 for the film Looking for Mister Perfect/Kei fung dik sau (2003), which was released two years later. On trained in wushu at the Shaolin Temple and studied film fighting under former Jackie Chan Stunt Team leader Nicky Li for his first film, Looking for Mister Perfect, which was shot before Black Mask 2: City of Masks but released in 2003. On continued his acting career with many injuries, sustaining a hamstring injury on the set of New Police Story (2004) in one of the two fights against Jackie Chan.

On was nominated and won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Actor Award for his role in Star Runner/Siu nin a Fu (2003). He shared the screen with the man who influenced him, Jackie Chan, in New Police Story. On has also won the Best New Artist Award in 2004 at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as Tank Wong in Siu nin a Fu, beating favorite Vanness Wu by only one-tenth of the votes.

Aside from his filmmaking career, On is also a singer. He has released some tracks, including a duet with Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai called "Angel of Love". His hobbies are martial arts and video games. He continues to train in Wing Chun Kung Fu with good friend, actor and martial artist Philip Ng, and has studied Thai boxing under former world kickboxing champion and actor Billy Chau in preparing for Star Runner.

During production of The Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008), On was hit in the face by a stuntman during an action sequence. Andy cut his lip and after seven surgeries, sports a small scar on his lip. He considers the scar a "trophy" for his hard work in the film.


Year Title Role Notes
2002 Black Mask 2: City of Masks Black Mask
2003 Looking for Mister Perfect Alex aka Looking for Mr. Perfect
Star Runner Tank Wong Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
aka The Kumite
2004 Itchy Heart Wil
New Police Story Law Tin-tin
The White Dragon Second Prince Tian Yang
2005 Dragon Squad Suet's undercover target U.S. DVD title: Dragon Heat
2006 Lethal Angels Jet aka Devil Angel
aka Naked Avengers
Election 2 Lik aka Election 2: Harmony Is a Virtue
aka Triad Election
Dating a Vampire Kit
Fatal Contact Silver Dragon
Nothing Is Impossible Jason
2007 Invisible Target Tien Yeng-yee
Mad Detective Inspector Ho Ka-on
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon Deng Zhi
Forgive and Forget Andy
La Lingerie Eugene
2010 Black Ransom Gundam
Bad Blood Calf
True Legend Yuan Lie
Shanghai Yum
Crossing Hennessy Xu
2011 The Lost Bladesman
White Vengeance Han Xin
2012 The Viral Factor Agent Sean Wong
Naked Soldier Sam Wong
Cold War SDU Commander Michael Shek
2013 Unbeatable Li Zitian
Special ID Sunny
Angel Warriors
2014 As the Light Goes Out
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Long Qi
That Demon Within Ben Chan
Outcast Shing
Zombie Fight Club
For Love or Money
2015 Blackhat Hong Kong Police Inspector Alex Trang
One Night Only
2016 League of Gods King Wu of Zhou

Music videos

Personal life

Andy On has dated model and actress Jennifer Tse from 2009 to 2013 before breaking up. During filming of Zombie Fight Club, On met actress Jessica Cambensy but they didn't begin dating until November 2014.[2] They became engaged in October 2015 a week after Jessica announced she was pregnant.[3][4]

Andy and Jessica became the parents of a 9-pound baby girl they named Tessa in March 2016.[5]


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