America Undercover

America Undercover
Genre Documentary
Written by Mark C. Baldwin
Directed by Jon Alpert
Fenton Bailey
Presented by Oliver Stone
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 9
Executive producer(s) Sheila Nevins
Producer(s) Brent Owens
Production company(s) America Undercover
Original network HBO
Original release 1983 (1983) – present

America Undercover is a series of documentaries that air on the cable television network HBO.[1] Within the series are several sub-series, such as Autopsy, Real Sex, and Taxicab Confessions. The series began in 1984[2] and, after a brief time being broadcast weekly in 2001,[3] is now broadcast once per month.[4] In 2006, episodes began being rebroadcast on A&E Network.[5]

Over the years, episodes have covered numerous subjects such as abortion,[6] organized crime,[7] and pedophilia. The show won several awards for the 1998 production of Strippers: The Naked Stages.


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