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Alpro is a company based in Belgium that markets organic and non-organic, non-genetically modified,[1][2] soy based food and drink products.[3][4][5] It employs about 910 people and has manufacturing plants in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.[6][7]


Alpro was founded in 1980, as a subsidiary of the Vandemoortele Group which is based in Belgium. Alpro expanded across Europe and in 2000 built a soy milk plant in Kettering, England.

In 2008 Alpro launched the UK’s first “reduced calorie soya alternative to yogurt” following the introduction of its Soy Light “reduced calorie soya milk” in 2006.[8]

Alpro's revenues are reported to have tripled during the period from 2000 to 2008. Beverages make up two-thirds of Alpro's revenues.[9]

In June 2009 Vandemoortele sold Alpro for an estimated US$455 million to Dean Foods,[10][11] which markets the "Silk" soy milk brand in the USA.[12]

However, in June 2013, WhiteWave, the Dean Foods subsidiary that managed Alpro, was spun-off as an independent company- listing on the New York Stock Exchange.[13] In July 2013 Dean Foods sold their remaining 19.9% stake in WhiteWave, thus ending their involvement with Alpro.[14]

Alpro's chief executive is Bernard Deryckere.[6]


Alpro distributes soya based vegetarian/vegan products under the brands Belsoy, Alpro Soya and Provamel. The Provamel brand is reserved exclusively for organic products (including many organic versions of Alpro Soya products), which are intended for sale only by independent health food retailers.[15] Products include soya milk,[16] soy yogurt, soya cream and soya based desserts.

Alpro soya milk scored best (highest score out of 16 tested different plain soy milks), when rated by Germany's leading consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest.[17][18]

Other Alpro products include yogurt as well as "dessert and meat alternative products".[9]

Marketing activities

To demonstrate Alpro’s milk and yogurt alternatives, a year-long experiential marketing campaign gave consumers the opportunity to sample the breakfast menu products at various events and shopping centres around the country. Alpro also encourage visitors to have their photo taken at the internet pod on the stand and upload it to Facebook, therefore joining the Alpro Soya Facebook page.[19]


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