Alondra (telenovela)

Genre Telenovela
Created by Yolanda Vargas Dulché
Written by Yolanda Vargas Dulché
Martha Carrillo
Roberto Hernández Vázquez
Directed by Miguel Córcega
Mónica Miguel
Starring Ana Colchero
Ernesto Laguardia
Gonzalo Vega
Eric del Castillo
Beatriz Sheridan
Marga López
Verónica Merchant
Fernando Colunga
Narrated by Diana Bracho
Opening theme Alondra by Jose Pablo Gambaow
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 76
Executive producer(s) Carla Estrada
Producer(s) Arturo Lorca
Location(s) Filming
Televisa San Ángel
Mexico City, Mexico
Cinematography Alejandro Frutos
Isabel Basurto
Running time 21-22 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release January 23 – September 1, 1995
Preceded by El vuelo del águila
Followed by Acapulco, cuerpo y alma

Alondra is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carla Estrada for Televisa in 1995.[1] The story based on Casandra created by Yolanda Vargas Dulché. For personal reasons Yolanda Vargas Dulché change the name of Casandra to Alondra in honor of his granddaughter Alondra de la Parra.

Ana Colchero, Ernesto Laguardia and Gonzalo Vega starred as protagonists, while Beatriz Sheridan starred as main antagonist. Verónica Merchant, Fernando Colunga, Mónica Sánchez, Ernesto Godoy, Joel Núñez, Juan Manuel Bernal and the leading actors Marga López, Eric del Castillo, Jorge Martínez de Hoyos, Beatriz Aguirre, Héctor Gómez, Amparo Arozamena, Blanca Torres, Queta Carrasco, Dina de Marco Guillermo Murray, Sergio Klainer and Queta Lavat starred as stellar performances.


After the death of Alondra's mother, her father Baldomero, who feels sad and lonely, brings his sister Loreta and her two kids, Maria Elisa and Rigoberto to live in his house, hoping that Loretto will replace a mother to Alondra. But he is mistaken.

Loreta hates Alondra, as she reminds her of Alondra's mother who used to be an actress and whom Baldomero's family never accepted. Years go by, and Alondra grows up into a beautiful, rebellious girl, with very independent and progressive views for that time.

Her constant fights with Loreta continue, but now she learned how to fight back. In the meantime, Baldomero spends most of the time on his ranch in arms of his new love Carmelina, unaware of what's going on in his house. Loreta manages not only to make Alondra's life a living hell, but also the life of her own daughter Maria Elisa, shy and weak girl.

She tries to force her in marrying a rich old man, while Maria Elisa is in love with a young officer Raul. To make things worse, Loreta's evil and ambitious son Rigoberto gets kicked out of a seminary and returns home, also torturing Alondra and Maria Elisa. Alondra meets a retired famous singer Leticia del Bosque.

Leticia influences and advises Alondra, she suggests that Alondra goes on the ranch and tells everything to Baldomero. On Alondra's way to the ranch, she accidentally meets Bruno. They live a very passionate love, but later she discovers that he is married and has 2 children.

Further more, on the ranch she finds out that her father is going to re-marry for the second time. Disappointed she returns home, where she finds that Maria Elisa is also upset, as she is pregnant and believes that Raul has abandoned her. Two girls decide to go to Mexico City in search for a better life, success and new love.

In Mexico City, enterprising Alondra starts a flower business and meets a new suitor, Carlos. But her forbidden love for Bruno is not over yet...


  • Ana Colchero as Alondra Díaz Real de Támez
  • Ernesto Laguardia as Carlos Támez
  • Gonzalo Vega as Bruno Leblanc
  • Eric del Castillo as Baldomero Díaz
  • Beatriz Sheridan as Loreta Díaz Vda. de Escobar
  • Marga López as Leticia del Bosque
  • Verónica Merchant as María Elisa Escobar Díaz
  • Juan Manuel Bernal as Rigoberto Escobar Díaz
  • Fernando Colunga as Raúl Gutiérrez
  • Olivia Bucio as Carmelina Hernández de Díaz
  • Jorge Martínez de Hoyos as Alfredito
  • Beatriz Aguirre as Rosita
  • Katie Barberi as Rebecca Montes de Oca
  • Héctor Gómez as Father Gervacio
  • Amparo Arozamena as Matilde "Maty" Ruiz
  • Emoé de la Parra as Cristina Leblanc
  • Gustavo Ganem as Ramiro
  • Silvia Mariscal as Mercedes
  • Joel Núñez as Germán
  • Blanca Torres as Barbarita
  • Queta Carrasco as Rosario
  • Dina de Marco as Trini Gómez
  • Ernesto Godoy as Roberto Hurtado
  • Queta Lavat as Concepción Hurtado
  • Justo Martínez as Jorge
  • Aurora Molina as Rita
  • Mónika Sánchez as Enriqueta
  • Guillermo Murray as Lic. Pelegrín
  • Bertín Osborne as Captain Andrés Kloszt
  • Angelina Peláez as Librada
  • Tina Romero as Cecilia
  • Anahí as Margarita Leblanc
  • Mauricio Achar as Jesús Leblanc
  • Omar Gutiérrez as Javier
  • Irene Arcila as Jovita
  • Nerina Ferrer as Gloria
  • Sergio Klainer as Gonzalo
  • Alejandro Villeli as Jacinto de la Torre
  • Roxana Ramos as Tita
  • Gabriela Murray as Teta
  • Catalina López as Tota
  • Luis Couturier as Leticia's notary
  • Diana Bracho as Alondra (voice)
  • Yuliana Peniche as Alondra (child)
  • Jacqueline Andere as Verónica Real de Díaz
  • Consuelo Duval as Blanca
  • Bertha Moss as Sofía
  • Valentina García as María Elisa Escobar Díaz (child)
  • Isaac Edid as Rigoberto Escobar Díaz (child)
  • Esteban Soberanes as Germán
  • Arturo Lorca as Pancho
  • Luis Robles as Celestino
  • Guillermo Aguilar as Luis
  • Julio Monterde as Doctor
  • Arturo Paulet as Octavio
  • Luis Bayardo as Father
  • Teo Tapia as Lic. Ortigoza
  • Lourdes Deschamps as Celia
  • Genoveva Pérez as Petra
  • José Antonio Barón as Mario
  • Maritza Aldana as María
  • Alfredo Alfonso as Leopoldo
  • Dulcina Carballo as Rufina
  • Gustavo del Castillo as Pedro
  • Rafael de Quevedo as Ordóñez
  • José Antonio Ferral as Tejón
  • Arturo Guízar as Joaquín
  • Lucía Irurita as Eduviges
  • Rodolfo Lago as Francisco
  • Willebaldo López as Martínez
  • Juan Antonio Llanes as Tolemán
  • Carlos Osiris as Mireles
  • Benjamín Pineda as José
  • Soledad Ruiz as Genoveva
  • Rodolfo Vélez as Pablo
  • Víctor Zeuz as Daniel
  • Jorge Alberto Bolaños as Miguel
  • Sebastián Garza as Rolando
  • Alberto Larrazabal as Ramón Hanhausen
  • Alberto Loztin as Alberto
  • Martín Rojas as Marcos
  • Fabiola Stevenson as Lucía
  • Dulce María as Child in the church
  • Marina Marín
  • Eduardo Lopez Rojas
  • Lorenzo de Rodas
  • Luis Gimeno
  • Maricarmen Vela
  • Zoila Quinones
  • Martha Elena Cervantes
  • Juan Felipe Preciado
  • Gloria Jordan
  • Miguel Corcega
  • Martín Muñoz
  • Roberto D' Amico
  • Angel Casarin
  • Nayeli Pellicer


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1996 14th TVyNovelas Awards Best ActorErnesto Laguardia Nominated
Gonzalo Vega
Best Leading Actor Eric del Castillo
Best Co-lead Actress Verónica Merchant Won
Best Young Lead Actress Anahí Nominated
Best Original Story or Adaptation Yolanda Vargas Dulché Won
Best Costume DesignSilvia Terán
Lorena Pérez

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North & South America, Caribbean
Europe, Asia & Oceania


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