All the Fine Promises

Toutes ces belles promesses
Directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac
Produced by Lola Gans
Philippe Martin
Written by Jean-Paul Civeyrac
Anne Wiazemsky
Based on Hymne à l'amour
by Anne Wiazemsky
Starring Jeanne Balibar
Bulle Ogier
Renaud Bécard
Valérie Crunchant
Music by Nicolas Becker
Christophe Chevalier
Cinematography Céline Bozon
Edited by Sylvie Fauthoux
Release dates
  • August 2003 (2003-08) (Locarno Film Festival)
Country France
Language French

All the Fine Promises (original French title: Toutes ces belles promesses) is a 2003 French movie directed by Jean-Paul Civeyrac based on the novel Hymne à l'amour by Anne Wiazemsky.


Coming off the bad end of a doomed love affair, and trying to cope with her Mother's death Marianne (Jeanne Balibar) is surprised to discover that her Father's last will and testament was not correctly administered. The will reveals the existence of a love affair. Her father had a mistress: Béatrice (Bulle Ogier). Marianne meets Béatrice and remembers her childhood. She reconnects with her nanny Ghislaine (Valérie Crunchant).

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