Alexandre Astier

Alexandre Astier
Born Alexandre Astier
(1974-06-16) 16 June 1974
Lyon, France
Occupation Actor

Alexandre Astier (born 16 June 1974) is a French writer, director, editor, scriptwriter, humorist, actor and composer.

He is most known as the creator, director, writer, editor, composer, and lead actor of the French television series Kaamelott, in which he also plays King Arthur.

Life and career

He is the son of Lionnel Astier (Léodagan in Kaamelott) and Joëlle Sevilla (Séli in Kaamelott). He studied music at the conservatory and at the American School of Modern Music of Paris. He also studied acting and screenwriting.

His four children have featured in Kaamelott. His daughters Ariane and Jeanne Astier play respectively Mehben and Mehgan, the daughters of Karadoc and Maevanwi (in the episodes Pupi and Exiles). His son Neil (who also appears as Karadoc and Mevanwi's son in Pupi) plays young Arthur in the season Book V, and in the final scene of Book VI. Ethan, Astier's youngest son, plays Arthur's dream heir in Book V. Moreover, his wife, Anne-Gaëlle Daval, hie head of the costume designs on Kaamelott and the short film Dies Irae.[1]

In 2012, he plays Johann Sebastian Bach in his humorous show "Que ma joie demeure !" at the theater.

In 2014, his comic show "L'Exoconférence" begins at the theater in September.

Debut at the theatre

Alexandre Astier first got attention from the Lyon's public thanks to the play Le Jour du froment. He also acted in Nous Crions Grâce, a play written and directed by Jacques Chambon, to whom he gave the role of Merlin in Kaamelott.


In 2001, he was the co-screenwriter and the songwriter of the short movies Soyons sport and Un soupçon fondé sur quelque chose de gras.

In 2002 he was the director of Dies Irae, a 14-minute short movie that is also the first draft of the Kaamelott TV show.

In 2006, he featured in Hey Good Looking!, a French movie by Lisa Azuelos. The same year, he played in Astérix et Obélix aux Jeux Olympiques by Frédéric Forestier and Thomas Langmann and in Home Sweet Home by Didier Le Pêcheur.

In 2009, he played the role of the ex-husband of Sophie Marceau in the comedy LOL (Laughing Out Loud).

In 2014 he was the director of Asterix: The Land of the Gods.

In 2015, he appeared in the film All Three of Us, directed by Kheiron.

Kaamelott: the triumph

Alexandre Astier became famous as the writer, director and actor in the TV show he produced. Kaamelott is inspired by the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.[2] This humorous series is broadcast on the French channel M6. The episodes lasted three and a half minutes until 2007. Then, the format changed to seven minutes and finally reached fifty-five minutes per episode in the last season Book VI.

He also composes the music of the series.

He has the ambition to extend the TV show to the cinema as a trilogy, but not before 2012, since Alexandre Astier plans to work as a director on another movie before launching Kaamelott on the big screen.

In June 2010, invited on the set of the show "J'irai LOLer sur vos tombes", he unveiled his project to publish a series of graphic novels titled Kaamelott Resistance as a transition between the TV format and the future cinema films.

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