Alan Landsburg Productions

Alan Landsburg Productions was an independent TV production company founded by Alan Landsburg in 1971. The company had produced In Search of... and That's Incredible!, two early examples of reality television decades before it became a confirmed genre. The company also found success in television movies (the Emmy-winning Mickey Rooney film Bill), and scripted shows (the sitcoms Gimme a Break! and Kate and Allie). They made a few theatrical movies as well, most notably Jaws 3-D (1983).

The company was acquired in 1978 by Reeves Communications Corp. In 1984, Landsburg left the company and formed The Landsburg Company, and ALP was renamed the Reeves Entertainment Group. Barris Industries originally owned a 5.27% stake in Reeves.[1] It was purchased by Thames Television in 1990 for $89 million.[2] The rights to the company's library is now owned by FremantleMedia. Distribution rights in the United States vary on an individual basis.


Alan Landsburg Productions

Reeves Entertainment


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