Al-Kiswe town center

Location in Syria

Coordinates: 33°21′N 36°14′E / 33.350°N 36.233°E / 33.350; 36.233Coordinates: 33°21′N 36°14′E / 33.350°N 36.233°E / 33.350; 36.233
Country  Syria
Governorate Rif Dimashq Governorate
District Markaz Rif Dimashq
Nahiyah Al-Kiswah
Elevation 720 m (2,360 ft)
Population (2004 census)
  Total 43,456

Al-Kiswah (Arabic: الكسوة Al Kiswah also spelled Kissoué/Kiswe) is a city in the Rif Dimashq Governorate, Syria. It is located approximately 13 kilometres (8 miles) south of Damascus. It was the location of the 1303 Battle of Marj al-Saffar, and the childhood home of Adnan Awad.

Administratively, Al-Kiswah belongs to Markaz Rif Dimashq district. It is one of the largest towns of the district by terms of population.


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