Ajnad al-Sham

Not to be confused with Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union.
Ajnad al-Sham
أجناد الشام
Participant in the Syrian Civil War

The Black Standard used by Ajnad al-Sham

The Black Standard used by Ajnad al-Sham
Active November 2013 - present[1]
Ideology Sunni Islam
Leaders Abu Hamza Al-Hamwi[2]
Abu Abdullah Taoum [3]
Abdel Aziz al-Ali [4]
Area of operations Idlib Governorate[3]
Hama Governorate[5]
Part of Army of Conquest[6]
Allies Islamic Front
Al-Nusra Front
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
National Defense Force
Battles and wars

Syrian Civil War

The Ajnad al-Sham (Arabic: أجناد الشام, Soldiers of the Levant) is an independent Idlib and Hama-based rebel group active during the Syrian Civil War. It joined the Army of Conquest on 24 March 2015 and took part in the Second Battle of Idlib.[6] On 29 March 2014, it announced that its military leader, Abu Abdullah Taoum, was killed during clashes around al-Fouaa.

In May 2016, a statement by the group threatened to retaliate against government forces if demands related to a prison riot in Hama were not met.[8]

Beheading of Syrian Army Brigadier general

On 5 November 2015, during the 2nd Northwestern Syria offensive, Ajnad al-Sham militants in the Hama Governorate killed and beheaded an unnamed Syrian Army Brigadier general and placed his head in a bin.[5][9] They posted a picture of it on Facebook and Twitter where fellow activists praised this execution and labelled the Brigadier general with derogatory slogans like "Nusayri" - a term for Alawites.[5]

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