Adventures of the Smart Patrol

Adventures of the Smart Patrol
Compilation album by Devo
Released 1996
Genre New wave
Label Discovery
Producer Devo
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Adventures of the Smart Patrol
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Adventures of the Smart Patrol (or Devo Presents Music From Adventures of the Smart Patrol) is a compilation album released in 1996 featuring tracks from the Inscape CD-ROM computer game of the same name, a game created by American new wave band Devo. Six of the tracks had been previously released on proper Devo albums and compilations, but it is noteworthy for containing two new Devo tracks: "Theme From Adventures of the Smart Patrol" (a studio recording of a song that had been played live at the beginning of concerts on the 1981 New Traditionalists tour) and "That's What He Said." Both songs are credited to The Smart Patrol but are performed by Devo.

Also of note is this mix of "U Got Me Bugged," a track which first appeared on the compilation Hardcore Devo: Volume 2. This mix features a new vocal track by Booji Boy.

Additionally, this version of "Jocko Homo" is the 4-track demo version, previously released on Hardcore Devo: Volume 1. However, this version was taken directly from the audio track of the short film The Truth About De-Evolution and is thus of lesser sound quality, but includes audio from the filmic sequence where a series of rapid-fire cuts spells the letters "Devo" to introduce the song, lifted from "Mechanical Man" (also found on Hardcore Devo: Volume One).

Track listing

All tracks performed by Devo unless otherwise noted.

  1. "Theme From Adventures of the Smart Patrol" (2:29) The Smart Patrol (Devo)
  2. "That's What He Said" (3:15) The Smart Patrol (Devo)
  3. "Mechanical Man" (4:20) Devo
  4. "U Got Me Bugged" [Alternate Mix] (2:49) Mark Mothersbaugh
  5. "34C" (3:35) Brian Applegate
  6. "The Spirit of JFK" (3:17) Scott V. Orsi
  7. "Peek-a-Boo!" (3:02) Devo
  8. "Beautiful World" (3:32) Devo
  9. "Whip It" (2:38) Devo
  10. "Freedom of Choice" (3:27)
  11. "Jocko Homo" [Demo Version] (3:06) Devo

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