Acme Hour

Acme Hour is a former programming block that aired on Cartoon Network. The block was a compilation of various Warner Bros., MGM, Jay Ward, Walter Lantz, Popeye, Felix the Cat, and public domain Betty Boop cartoon shorts. It aired for an hour (as per its title) on weekdays, and, on late-night Saturdays, it would air for two hours, often airing cartoons that would never be broadcast in the daytime due to content. It was named Acme Radio Hour in 1995, but this was changed to Acme Hour at Cartoon Network's Powerhouse era. While it no longer airs on the US version of Cartoon Network, Acme Hour is still a part of Cartoon Network in other countries. Starting in 2005, the US version of Boomerang aired Acme Hour every day. It has since been removed from the schedule.

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