Abu Yusuf Al-Turki

Abu Yusuf Al-Turki
Born Ümit Yaşar Toprak
circa 1967
Died 23 September 2014
(aged 47) [1]
Idlib Governorate, Syria[2]
Cause of death Killed by bombardment
Nationality Turkish[3]
Other names "The Turk"[4]
Religion Sunni Islam

Military career


al-Qaeda in Iraq (formerly)
al-Nusra Front


Iraq War
Syrian Civil War
Military intervention against ISIL

Ümit Yaşar Toprak[3] also known by his nom de guerre Abu Yusuf Al-Turki (the "Turk") was a renowned sniper within the al-Nusra Front[5] who trained fighters on how to become snipers.[4] He was also a member of the Wolf Unit, which was described as a unit of al-Nusra Front fighters (according to documents found by members of the Dubai-based Al Aan TV station).[6] The Wolf Unit is reportedly another name for the Khorasan Group,[7] though there are indications that the Khorasan Group may not exist as a separate entity from Jabhat al-Nusra.[8] Of Turkish descent,[9] Al-Turki lived in the Turkish province of Bursa, leaving behind five children so that he could fight for the al-Nusra Front.[3] On 23 September 2014, Al-Turki was killed during a series of a U.S.-led anti-Khorasan Group coalition airstrikes over Syria.[10]


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