A Piece of Cake

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A Piece of Cake
Directed by John Irwin
Produced by John Croydon
Starring Cyril Fletcher
Betty Astell
Laurence Naismith
Jon Pertwee
Music by Arthur Wilkinson
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey
Highbury Productions
Distributed by General Film Distributors
Release dates
November 1948 (UK)
Running time
55 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

A Piece of Cake is a 1948 British fantasy comedy film directed by John Irwin and starring and co-written by the husband and wife team of Cyril Fletcher and Betty Astell as well as Laurence Naismith and Jon Pertwee.[1]


Set in the austere post–World War II British world of rationing, Cyril dreams up an ode to an imaginary character named Merlin Mound who can provide anything one can wish. Merlin becomes real and grants his host's wishes; not by conjuring the items out of thin air, but depriving them from other people's ownership, which leads to trouble.



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