Achille Richard

Achille Richard

Achille Richard was a French botanist and physician (27 April 1794 in Paris – 5 October 1852).

He was son of a notable botanist, Louis-Claude Marie Richard (1754–1821).

Pharmacist in the French fleet and member of several well-known societies of their time.

Achille Richard was one of the botanical leaders of his time, and his books are even nowadays valued for their clarity and precision.

He entered on 24 February 1834, as member of the French Academy of Sciences (Botanical Section). He was also member of the French National Academy of Medicine.

Achille Richard studied and described several genera of orchids that take his abbreviation in the generic name, among them Ludisia.


J.M.C.Rich. - (Jean Michel) Claude Richard 1784–1868


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